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Zong Xiaojun Zhao Liying armed confrontation between the "rouge" war triggered at any moment – Sohu actor Zong Xiaojun entertainment entertainment Sohu directed by Xu Jizhou, Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang, Zong Xiaojun and starring in Spy Drama "rouge" is currently Oriental TV, Zhejiang satellite tv. The play tells the story in Shanghai is full of yearning for a raging like a storm, "the occupation agent" blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments), accidentally met three spy Zhou Yuhao, two people from frenemy gradually become quarrelsome lovers, to jointly safeguard national interests, with War struggle story. Zong Xiaojun plays Zhang Xiang, the chief Quartermaster department purchasing department, but added Japanese enemy, standing in the blue Rouge antithesis, blue Rouge "agents" journey to create obstacles. Drama, blue Rouge as an agent had to face all kinds of sudden danger. She disguised herself in the hospital tried to rescue his father, but Zhang Xiang caught her camouflage, two armed confrontation, the atmosphere suddenly tense. On the occasion of the two deadlocked, while taking advantage of the hospital Zhang Xiang blue chaos shot, escape from life. Nervous and anxious together the story let the audience hooked, sigh the Spy Drama charm. Zong Xiaojun’s Zhang Xiang is the chief of the Quartermaster department purchasing department, is a member of von Zixiong spy network, codenamed "shrimp". He has no intention to Japanese work, become a spy network members only in order to repay the kindness of the old minister. But the situation is stronger than people, the other with the mother of life threatening, Zhang Xiang reluctantly joined Japanese’s special operations headquarters as chief of general affairs. "Rouge" in the role of Zhang Xiang in particular, he is not Japanese work, do spy network members, in order to repay his army and reselling goods, money just to make his old mother die. Really should be the phrase, "poor people must be hateful". By Zong Xiaojun starring "Garden Hotel" has been fixing, shortly after the audience can continue to appreciate his superb acting on the screen.   相关的主题文章:

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