Zhou Zhian, Ren Nanchang CPPCC party members douke

Zhou Zhian, Chen Kuanghui, Nanchang city CPPCC members (source: Jiangxi Zheng read WeChat public number) November 1st, Nanchang fourteenth CPPCC Committee held its first meeting, "Jiangxi government information daily read" (micro signal: xxrbszb) noted that Zhou Zhian, Chen Kuang Hui attended the meeting in Nanchang city CPPCC member. Prior to this, Zhou Zhian served as party secretary of Nanchang Teachers College. "The Jiangxi government information daily read" (micro signal: xxrbszb), according to the school’s official website reported that October 28th morning, party secretary He Ruihu at the meeting of the four floor of the administrative building room hosted the school Party Central Group (expanded) learning. This shows that the party secretary of the school has been replaced by former president He Ruihu. According to public information, Zhou Zhian, born in October 1962 in Jiangxi, Fengcheng, former vice president, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Nanchang Municipal Committee of Nanchang Institute of socialism (and); Nanchang city West Lake District secretary. According to another report, "Jiangxi government information daily read" (micro signal: xxrbszb) was informed that in July this year, 28 months, Nanchang Municipal Committee decided that Comrade Chen Kuanghui no longer serve as Qingshanhu District Secretary, another appointment. Public information shows that Chen Kuanghui, who was born in September 1964 in Jiangxi Nankang. Former Nanchang Qingyunpu District Committee (county level); Nanchang County Deputy Secretary of the Nanchang County County People’s government, the people’s Government of Nanchang County party secretary; Qingshan Lake District secretary.相关的主题文章:

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