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Zhang Ran married "fashion" first screen wedding partner Yang Zi bestie Amoy – Sohu entertainment actor Zhang Ran photo Sohu entertainment news by director Ceng Xiaoxin, Yang Zi, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Ran, Sun Cong and starring urban emotional drama "marry" fashion is Liaoning TV hit. Mainland actor Zhang Ran as the wedding planner Jiang Xiaomeng partner Yang Zi in the drama, drama staged the sisters, in addition to Zhang Ran either love or bestie revealed the sweet feelings of the show, very brilliant color aspect, and will be the first wedding of his life to the screen. "Marry" tells the story of fashion wedding planner summer ironic love story between burning and cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao, whether to set the script creation, plot, or characters, the play is holding a "break the stereotype of the theme" attitude, at the moment in the workplace, is stationed in metropolitan fashion, LOHAS relaxed trend group. The play, Zhang Ran’s wedding planner Jiang Xiaomeng, outgoing, clever, guidianzi, careless character, direct, and Yang Zi’s summer burning is not only a colleague at work, life is not talk about bestie, Jiang Xiaomeng as a summer burning right-hand, work and life only "boss". From a small, idiotic fans. Life for a quiet and introverted bluntly, Jiang small characters and their contrast is quite big, character set challenging breakthrough self, by shaping the role of his own character is also a lot of cheerful. Turning to cooperation with Yang Zi, Zhang Ran laughing, although two people are in the same year, he was "watching Yang Zi play up", and his shy personality also attracted Yang Zi’s funny, set two sisterhood cuddly, blushing has become a beautiful landscape. Zhang Ran also praised Yang Zi’s powerful, many places worthy of their own learning, and the dream is to play a character in summer worship is burning. The Zhang ran for countless lovers planned romantic marriage, and he and Sun Cong as David feelings rather attract audiences, Zhang Ran also said it was his first time filming the wedding dress for the first time in his life, to screen the wedding to "marry" fashion. Mainland actor Zhang Ran (formerly known as Zhang Yue) was born in Liaoning, Dalian Province, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama 11 performances, October 2nd birthday, although life is love quiet, there is no shortage of singing, acting, sports, calligraphy and other hobbies, Libra girl typical, Zhang ran with 168cm height and beautiful image of youth and health after filming, many film and television dramas frequently appeared on the screen. In director Liu Jiacheng’s TV series "complex rules" as premarital No. two male daughter-in-law white, partner Gao Lu Zhu Yuchen; in director Yu Chun’s TV series "happiness please wait for me" as Han Xiaoshuang, Song Dandan, Zhu Yuanyuan’s partner; Xiu Xiu in director Li Muge directed the TV series "left behind" man, partner Wang Zhifei, Jiang Shan; Shen played in the TV series "cute" secretary, Shen Teng and Ma Li cooperation, in addition to Zhang ran to hone acting in drama "donkey" water, "A Midsummer Night’s dream" played an important role in. This time, in the "fashion" married, Zhang Ran’s wedding planner Jiang Xiaomeng, weird, careless, the national good bestie form相关的主题文章:

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