Yangtze River map opening of the Asia Pacific Film Festival Yan Yi wide debut haywire

"Yangtze River map" opening of the Asia Pacific Film Festival Yan Yi wide debut Sina entertainment news once a year in New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival held in New Zealand’s largest city of Oakland. As one of the size of the region of the southern hemisphere’s largest festival, there are hundreds of international film makers and fans attended the event this year, unprecedented. Chinese actor Yan Yikuan was invited to attend the film festival as a representative of the Chinese film festival. In the red carpet ceremony, Yan Yi wide black velvet dress, handsome appearance, high color value by the local fans a warm welcome, causing the scene screaming. After the ceremony, Yan Yikuan won the "most popular actor", New Zealand director Craig Newland and India Pratap director Devesh Singh, won the best director and the most promising new director award. Yan Yikuan said, very much like the natural environment of New Zealand, looking forward to the opportunity to have more cooperation with the local film industry in new zealand. From 29 to 31, 5 of the Asia Pacific region produced excellent films and 5 Chinese micro film being shown, among them, Chinese film "Yangtze River map" as the festival’s opening film. The New Zealand National Party chairman Peter · Goodfellow Oakland trade and the development of film and Television Department General Manager Dean Butchers addressed the New Zealand National Party chairman Peter · Mr. Goodfellow, Oakland economic and trade and development of the film department general manager Dean Butchers, New Zealand Maori tourism bureau director Glen Katu, Consul General in Oakland, Ms. Xu Chinese Darwin, South Korean Consulate General in Oakland Chang Soon Ms. Cha, Consul General of Japan in Oakland Mr. Yokoyama and the New Zealand Film and political representatives attended the film festival, on behalf of all walks of life held during the festival reception on Singapore and China and the Asia Pacific region culture and film development cooperation had a lively discussion, pleasant atmosphere. New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival held every October in Oakland. The purpose is to promote the influence of Asia Pacific culture in New Zealand through a variety of cultural activities. Trust fund for Asia and New Zealand Maori Tourism Bureau as the organizers, dedicated to the New Zealand movie resources integration in the Asia Pacific region, explore the outstanding actor, director and producer, has become one of the important South Pacific Film festival. (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章:

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