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Xiong Dailin flash marry wealthy when too wide? Exclusive response: application schedule in September 20th, the media broke the Hongkong and the Hongkong businessman Xiong Dailin Guo song dating for 2 years, has been registered in early September and has been married, nest, cohabiting. Tencent entertainment for the first time to call Xiong Dailin propaganda team, they also confirmed the authenticity of the message, and told reporters: "the application is scheduled, the good news will be the first time to share with you, thank you for your concern." 35 year old Xiong Dailin and King Aaron Kwok of Hongkong dating for 7 years, never received the final status, nowhere. 2014 was photographed and close out the billionaire businessman Guo song, so romance exposure. Xiong Dailin back in love more high-profile attitude, in the days before the show 3 carat diamond engagement ring, announced " I find my Mr.Right ", and several times; dog abuse in the community, feeling quite happy. Everyone seems to be very concerned about when Xiong Dailin entered the marriage, she had previously revealed that the original plan last December wedding, but because of work and had to postpone. In September 20th, the media found that 35 year old Xiong Dailin in early September with Guo song in Hongkong to apply for registration of marriage, two people reported that the occupation is the director, who have been living together for more. After receiving the call after the Xiong Dailin Tencent entertainment publicity team confirmed the news, he also told reporters: "the application is scheduled, the good news will be the first time to share with you, thank you for your concern." The reporter got married in Hongkong with the mainland is not the same, need to both men and women in the marriage registration office appointment time registration, reservation booking online or telephone booking, reservation after a week or so will inform you (one can) to the Registrar to submit material payment. Xiong Dailin and Guo song is not the actual registration of marriage, but the marriage registration appointment. As for Xiong Dailin’s romance, is actually very simple, you know that she is with Aaron Kwok love child heart, as long as 7 years of the April 19, 2013, striking one snag after another bumpy road of love, Xiong Dailin sentence "I am single," she announced with Aaron Kwok for 7 years "Fudai love" officially ended. Xiong Dailin turned "spoony victims, Aaron Kwok also on the back of a" reliable man "reputation. In 2014 she was photographed with the song the billionaire businessman Kenix Kwok’s Brother Guo close out, in March 9, 2016, Xiong Dailin was announced boyfriend Guo song has proposed at the company party, but has not held a formal wedding. Guo song once divorced, the Hongkong actor Kenix Kwok’s younger brother, father is taking Hongkong plastic property sales over the years, lucrative, have to purchase about 20000000 Leighton Hill mansion, and to sell 50 million. Engaged in export trade, he took over the family business after his father died, and served as director of the 5 companies, an estimated net worth of more than $100 million, the family was very wealthy. Xiong Dailin is wearing a wedding dress became rebellious bride TVB actress died baby belly pregnant in September broadcast to Tencent micro-blog in the Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply performance, take the door相关的主题文章:

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