Xiamen City, a large area of water supply blackout radar was destroyed by typhoon doat

Xiamen city to stop water blackout radar typhoon destroyed the latest: reporters from the water group learned from the current master of the situation, water, tap water pumping station in Xiamen factory system did not suffer a greater impact, such as the outside power supply to resume normal supply, restore normal water supply needs 6~12 hours. [Xiangan] traffic tunnels have been closed in both directions!!! [] "rumor Tongan new West Ke Zhen Xi Fu Lu, the high-pressure line is broken, the whole area of electricity!" A reminder for the false news: Tongan personnel of relevant departments and the electricity sector has been verified, this is a false message, please do not forward! Dawn rescue team received emergency assistance! The 15 day at 2:55 in the morning, the dawn of the rescue team received emergency assistance, there is a living in the Iron House residents need to transfer in the vicinity of east 6, request dawn rescue team to assist emergency transfer, rescue team arrived at 3:30 pm, trapped place, transfer trapped in a family of four members to transfer personnel in the dawn on the way to a safe place, with two water flameout due to vehicles, trapped in the car, they will connect the two cars, 6 people together will be trapped to the dawn of the rescue team headquarters hedge. At present, the team and the 3 group in the police rescue. Xiamen due to failure caused by the outside water power to stop water supply! Reporters learned from the water group, the city of Xiamen due to external water failure caused by water power station, the city is to stop water supply. When to return to normal water supply, depending on when the power will return to normal. The following four Waterworks for high voltage interruption, can not boot water: Tongan Meishan water (water supply line without electricity (water supply plant); Xinglin line dead); northern Jimei water (water pumping power line without electricity); high house water (water supply line and no electricity). Although the other water power, but because of the power supply voltage instability, frequent tripping, can not boot. (source: Xiamen daily (micro-blog)) [] Xiamen Expressway closed area traffic information! All bridge closure! Affected by the fourteenth typhoon this year, at present, Jimei Haicang, Xinglin, Xinyang, Wuyuan, Yanwu, Tong’an Bay, Zhongzhou, C, Dadeng bridge and other port road, Xianyue road viaduct, the wind has reached an average of 9 to 10, gusts to 11 ~ 12, and may further strengthen. In order to ensure the safety, according to the "Xiamen flood control typhoon preparedness plan", the Xiamen flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters research, decided to immediately close the bridge. Please do the relevant arrangements. Xiamen Expressway closed area at present, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron Haicang motor have been within the jurisdiction of Green Road, Binhu Road, Ma Kok song Road, several district government, Tzu Chi palace tunnel to take timely control measures. Large area blackout in Xiamen! Damage to the grid is still expanding! Strong typhoon Meranti direct attack Xiamen, the grid has been damaged, has caused a large number of substation outage, the widespread power outages, especially the island region is more serious. At present, the wind has not been significantly weakened, the grid is still expanding the damaged surface. (source: Xiamen daily (micro-blog)) [] please let the life emergency hotline!! At present, 120 alarm telephone has been ringing off the hook, injured people, it is best to handle, wrap up, don’t call 120 to 1;相关的主题文章:

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