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Xiamen 4 year old boy died of suffocation in the kindergarten has obvious neck Le hen on September 26th, in Jimei District of Xiamen City, Guankou town Shuangqiao pearl kindergarten, 4 year old boy Lin Yu (a pseudonym) at lunch time died of suffocation, the neck was strangulation. The police investigation and comprehensive inspection of the scene, postmortem examination and visits, ruled out homicide. According to someone’s nursery staff to the crime unit no. 37 (micro signal: zhonganzu37) said the dead boy head into the quilt hanging hand, then reined in choking. The recognition of the management of the kindergarten has oversight, when teachers, nurses and other three people in the next care, but did not discover this situation. The boy was killed neck Le hen. Screenshot micro-blog incident: 4 year old boy died of suffocation in September 26th afternoon in kindergarten, when Mr. Lin rushed to Xinglin hospital, 4 year old son Lin Yu had stopped breathing. See Lin Yu, his face ashen, nostrils appear blood, neck is also a clear mark. Mr. Lin is still alive and kicking, it is difficult to accept, the morning go to school happily son, but now motionless, never died. About 2:15 in the afternoon of September 26th, Mr. Lin received a call from my son’s double pearl kindergarten phone, the zoo staff told him that Lin Yu accident during lunch time, the neck is to strap the belt, the situation is very critical. When Lin rushed to the hospital, Lin Yu after rescue invalid, has passed away. Mr. Lin has always been unable to figure out, during the lunch break, the son how will be le? Then, he watched the kindergarten surveillance video. According to him, the day of monitoring shows that around 12 noon on September 26th, the children go to bed, the bed is divided into upper and lower levels, his son slept in the lower. It is understood that the children went to bed and the local school in the same classroom, the middle separated with curtains. Monitor screen display, at that time a total of 2 teachers and 1 nurses, including 1 teachers and 1 nurses behind the drapes, curtains due to occlusion, unable to see the inside of the case. At 12:28, a teacher went out and came back to the classroom in a few minutes. At 13:28, another teacher went out and returned to the classroom 12 minutes later. By 13:58, two teachers ran out, one of the teachers holding Lin yu. 4 year old boy died of suffocation in the kindergarten ". Screenshot micro-blog zoo staff: management oversight is not found in time for Lin Yu’s death, some netizens questioned or non accidental, but "killed", the morning of September 28th, homicide No. 37 (micro signal: zhonganzu37) to call a double pearl kindergarten, the staff said, "this is definitely a rumor at present, the police have proved to be accidental death." The staff, the day there are two teachers and a nurse in the scene. Around 12:20, the children began to lunch break. 13:30 or so, the teacher at the time of inspection, Lin Yu has not slept. "Other children are sleeping, he is still playing, touch the left side of the child, and then touch the right side of the child." A few minutes later, the nurse found Lin Yu in touch down on tape, "because I think the child is in play, may also be other people do not have.相关的主题文章:

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