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Wu Xiubo Liu Tao to recognize counseling! "Military alliance" was playing bad Sina entertainment news recently, Wu Xiubo Liu Tao [micro-blog] to [micro-blog] sell adorable beat lens caused network discussion, some netizens pointed out that "Uncle aegyo, really love", some people believe that "Liu Tao offensive look domineering and uncle contrast adorable action dubbed" Wu Xiubo recognize counsels boxing". It is reported that this section of Wu Xiubo Liu Tao with the frame picture comes from the pilot before the "alliance" is the first division exposure of the trailer, the play by Wu Xiubo for the first time as the total production, the three themes of costume drama starring and personally. Wu Xiubo Liu Tao Li Chen [micro-blog] was playing bad in previous films and TV series, "yuppie" Uncle Wu Xiubo are in fashion, warm male or elite image, and in the period of the Three Kingdoms "Wei" as the background of the "military alliance" costume drama, he played the foot known as "genius" of the resourceful said Wei big military adviser Sima Yi. The latest exposure of the "military alliance" trailer shows Sima Yi from youth to old age span decades of life, not only the temple of wits, and battlefield conquest, and emotions revealed. Especially Sima Yi to stop his wife Zhang Chunhua (Liu Tao ornaments) vexatious and let it be implementation of law ", but merely holding the" small Fenquan "on Zhang Chunhua’s shoulder gently patted, forming a huge contrast with the previous image and the adorable strategizing counselor image". "This is the uncle boxing manly, Wu Xiubo had beaten Liu Tao offensive adults", "Uncle don’t hit me" and many other ridicule have appeared, which was dubbed "the Wu Xiubo recognize counsels boxing". In addition, the other two "military alliance" starring Liu Tao and Li Chen also sparked ridicule users attention, because always the "independence" of the famous Liu Tao, the more offensive upgrade for adults ", she played Sima Yi’s wife Zhang Chunhua is famous isspicy woman, in the trailer exposure in a word not just the sword. And the man Fan Ye Li Chen, played the domineering Cao Pi, will be fun in the play "the emperor, and Sima Yi is not" hero Xiangxi, Jun Cheng is accompanied, and exposed to a video of "Li Chenlu" meat "beard" image of the king has also been spoof. Wu Xiubo’s first as producer and currently, this theme costume drama "military alliance" is still shooting. It is reported that the "military alliance" is Wu Xiubo’s first play a TV drama producer and director of the system, directed by Zhang Yongxin, Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Janine Chang, Yu Hewei [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Tang Yixin, [micro-blog] and other actor starred in. The story in the period of the Three Kingdoms "Wei" as the story through the camp, trickery and emotional description, describe Wei Guoda adviser Sima Yi, very careful wit legend, seeking the world crown life. It is understood that the "military alliance" script creation lasted 5 years, cost 400 million yuan, hope this is currently filming works when we can bring surprises. (commissioning editor: Lee command)相关的主题文章:

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