Woman preparing for double 11 mobile phone car crashed into the mound 7470d

Woman preparing for "double 11" mobile phone car crashed into the mound from Yubei District Traffic and Patrol Police News: "double 11" immediately to the female compatriots, mustering the strength in the online crazy purchase, in order to "double 11" panic buying their favorite commodities. Recently, the public Ms. Lee because buy, buy, buy, when driving with the mobile Internet, leading to the occurrence of bicycle accidents, heavy losses. November 6th at 20 o’clock in the evening, Yubei police detachment detachment brigade police came to the police, said the accident occurred in Jinshan Road cycling. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene of the accident. After police arrived at the scene to see: a mound of a black SUV onto the Jinshan Avenue on the side of the road, bumper off, the body is damaged, the left rear tire, a young woman squatting on the roadside, clutching his right hand scratching whining cry. After investigation, the woman is a off-road vehicle driver Lee, 25 years old, a company in Yubei to work. Lee is a shopaholic". Seeing this year’s double 11 is coming soon, she began to look at a variety of online clothes, bags, shoes. At 7:30 that evening was just around the next evening, Lee drove from Yubei District two drive home, when traveling to the Jinshan Road, Lee suddenly remembered his afternoon in a fashion coat online watch, heart itch picked up the mobile phone online watch, is fine fine view the online evaluation, Lee forgot she was driving, suddenly bang when sound, driving her SUV onto the sidewalk, smashed into the side of the mound in a head, a huge impact to Lee right wrist fracture, the pain was almost dizzy in the past. After understanding the accident, the police on the phone while watching the dangerous behavior of Li Yan was severely criticized education. The accident is caused by Lee driving distracted, to bear all the responsibility. In accordance with the provisions of the sixty-second paragraph of the implementation of the road traffic safety law, the provisions of article third of the police in accordance with the law to Lee scored points, fines. At the same time, she will bear the cost of repair and medical expenses of more than 18000 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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