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William Wei: like to Valentine’s absurd album is actually writes to the mobile phone – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin William Wei as parents in other people’s children: graduated from National Taiwan University foreign language and literature, excellent in character and learning, appearance neat, the debut of the first album won the Best Newcomer Award for Taiwan, the second album out the song "the song" explosion "or". But in the entertainment industry, William Wei meticulous, but let him a little bit of identification. However, the new album "William Wei launched the hard stamp", finally let people see the funny side of students. The album combines the tone, R&, B, tango and other styles, William Wei recently accepted an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter said, hoping to make a relaxed and fun album. Next year, he was 30 years old, he described his older son bolder: when the singer did not imagine the long, want to do what to try." So, breakthrough yourself, why not? A’s new album is a bit ridiculous, "like writing to a lover, but it’s for the phone," William Wei has set a theme for "hard stamp.". The album "hard stamp" sounds a bit "ridiculous", is actually the first song "Intro" of the Chinese homonym. After listening to William Wei to share creative inspiration, will find more absurd". Many sounds poker-faced songs are actually "poker-faced to talk nonsense". For example, "the first think of you", when you hear a song: "I was too cowardly to empty too careless, I will be unable to restrain the emotions to addiction, addiction is you." He explained that the song was actually written to the cell phone: "it’s a prank mentality. I try to write a song that is a love song on the surface, but it’s a different thing. Sometimes, the phone is like a lover, accompany you when you are eating, sleeping with you, has always wanted to write this modern scene in the song." Another song "shoe" is deliberately made a similar musical aria feeling, also adding a musical monologue. But this song is about helping his friend to find shoes story: "I went to Taitung to live in the home with friends. The second day he found a small shoe, had been picked up by wild dogs. The dog is a recidivist, we find the site, opened the plastic cloth, found beneath the shoes, and are only. Hostel boss said, before there are many tenants of shoes were away. Feel the wild imagination." B perfectionism to change "songwriting pressure is small, the more artificial and arbitrary" William Wei "happy Sunday" to participate in the variety in a time of "campus singing war" won the championship, but did not expect the victory brought shadow for him: "at that time was a student, did not know the ecological TV circle, a lot of things to understand, suddenly for a while is not love singing. The focus of the TV talent selection is to become a skill, not to make mistakes." He once wanted to give the music press the pause button, but one insider said that he is determined to continue making music: "no one is completely ready." After becoming a professional singer, he became more and more serious in his study"相关的主题文章:

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