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"Wild the Great Wall disappearing" event, do not have to care about who hit the face – Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: "wild the Great Wall disappearing" event, do not have to care about who hit the face of Liaoning Suizhong estuary "wild the Great Wall", whether it is cement smooth? Public events this eye-catching, striking one snag after another within a week, The path winds along mountain ridges. First, Liaoning friends broke the news media questioned: "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall was smooth disfigured, said the local cultural relics bureau to the maintenance of the name, with mortar with a thin cement road"; the State Cultural Relics Bureau immediately set up an investigation group, followed by experts to explain, this is not "erase", but rescue protection, materials used in "37 dust" after a few years can be automatically weathering; media is still not convinced, with detailed investigation to continue, to prove that "cement" is not unwarranted…… It was like a suspense drama. The State Cultural Relics Bureau immediately give a verdict in the afternoon of September 27th, officially announced the Liaoning Suizhong the Great Wall estuary survey results: the Great Wall over three small estuary to tenders, existing negotiation process is not standardized, the record is not complete, not in accordance with the provisions of the approval and other issues, and really use a small amount of cement…… This year the popular "face". So in the confused "ink slobber" lawsuit, and media is playing the "local cultural relics bureau" face, now experts made the media face, all with certainty, clap sound. Today, the State Administration of cultural heritage information disclosure timely termination of a face each other move, also the "wild the Great Wall is a reasonable smooth cement". The State Administration of Cultural Heritage said at the outset, the relevant persons responsible for serious treatment, never justifying, no appeasement. Now clearly instructed the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau of the responsible units of serious treatment, results of the public. At the same time, along the 15 provinces and cities along the the Great Wall, timely investigation and timely detection of problems and rectification. For Chinese people, the Yangtze River the Great Wall, Mount Huangshan, the Yellow River, its weight is self-evident. If the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace have not survived, not a batch of cultural relics, the guardian of people leave no stone unturned very careful, it is difficult to imagine the Chinese civilization can keep standing 5000 to fail. In such a heavy background, who hit who face, is not important. I think the the Great Wall, in the repair of wild was very professional "smooth", a solid in anger, but in the process of public events fermentation, investigation, disclosure and so on, but not happy. Now is not the "Liu original book", in order to economic construction as the protection of cultural relics as worthless times, from one to the State Administration of cultural heritage through by the common people of all cultural relics like distressed her eyes. The eyes of a lot of supervision, non professional practices, even the name of repair banner, even the name of the expert’s endorsement, it is difficult to get under the watchful eyes of the people. "Wild the Great Wall is cement smooth", "reverse public opinion calling" type, has been to the public for the protection of cultural relics science work. Accustomed to the the Badaling Great Wall, people always think that the the Great Wall should be regular, magnificent, gas swallow Wan as the appearance of the tiger. However, only in the crowded, "less than the Great Wall of non hero" of the target, will rarely "not before the ancients" the desolation of fear mentality. Wild the Great Wall, so that the public awareness of the Great Wall相关的主题文章:

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