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Why would Julie’s divorce be ridiculed around the world? The Sina entertainment column cover foreign media yesterday boiled boiling. Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt’s divorce, like a thunder, fried up all over the world people eat melon. Divorce was brought up by Julie, the reason is very simple – in the child’s way of education had a serious disagreement. At present, Julie has issued a statement through his lawyer: she has filed legal documents for Peter and Brad divorce, this move is to "family health" reasons, not for Julie to comment on the matter, and to protect their family’s privacy. Although Julie and Pitt married only two years, but they have been together for twelve years. First look at the couple these years of loving history: 2004, "Mrs Smith" by JoliePitt himself. Two people in the film tacit understanding, love to kill, with a variety of faces, a large number of harvest CP powder. Smith couple also became synonymous with sexy couple. Hot sexy, aura Julie attracted Peter, Julie is fascinated by peter. So two people because of the drama. But when Peter was married to Jennifer Aniston, so when the media reported two people when dark feelings, they are denied, formal together after it is recognized as the spark in the studio. In July 2005, JoliePitt for the "W" magazine shot a large group, is the first time the identity of a couple of public appearances. Julie rushed for second years and then announced the pregnancy ~ before this, Julie from Kampuchea and Ethiopia have adopted two children, with Pete, the two children’s name was changed to "Julie Peter" (Jolie-Pitt), Janpit also enjoys legal custody. In 2006, Julie and Pete’s first child was born in 2008 Julie Hilo, with a pair of twins. Love the two person’s appearance, really envy others. I just gave birth to twins, Peter to "father" as Julie took a group of black and white photos, with his love of Julie. Peter Julie and a total of six children, 3 Biological 3 foster, a family of eight together couldn’t be cool. Long distance love for ten years, until 2014, Julie and Peter got married, the wedding is custom, the veil is full of printed six children home graffiti. The wedding is simple and warm, the family together is the best celebration. Pete once said that Julie was his soul mate, with whom she found her passion for life. Indeed, they are seen by many fans as "model lovers" and "love fairy tales". There are a lot of similarities between the two. The first is the enthusiasm for charity. Pigskin couple every year 1/3 of their income to charity, Jolie-Pitt established a charitable foundation to help refugees, especially the people of the third world. Julie also served as UNHCR goodwill ambassador. This is the choice of their adoption相关的主题文章:

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