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"We love it" viewing Jia Yuan Hong Zhang Jingchu plays love to kill Yuan Hong – "we love entertainment Sohu" stills Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Liu Jiang, Yuan Hong, Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin starred in the "we love the city of love drama" in Hunan satellite TV crisis continued to hit. Since the launch of the drama ratings have soared in November 15th is a three ratings break. Yuan Hong played in the play time building elite, handsome appearance, style overbearing president, business in order to succeed at all costs, out of the ordinary image is impressive. However, in the emotional world, used to control everything he has become very passive, not willing to open his own inner world, also let many people have a misunderstanding of him, even the road as friends described time is a "paradox", let a person not near. But a big attraction between time and assistant Lin smiled is the collision, two are in the professional field quite insightful people always broke out every kind of conflict in life, viewers have said "look very enjoyable, the time and the mutual love smile black coffee CP!"   相关的主题文章:

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