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Tuesday: SMG 019 opponents at home court in Hamburg away or difficult to win on Tuesday of the 019 German Cup VS 2016-10-26 02:45 Hamburg Hadley SMG recommended: negative, October 26th Beijing time 02:452016 17 season German FA Cup round the first game will start the eight game of the competition, the third Hadley team in the Bundesliga home court against Hamburg team. The home team 3 wins in the last seven games in 4, the visiting team made 1 flat 6 negative in the last seven games. The strength was significantly superior in Hamburg team made only a draw in the relegation zone and in the last seven rounds of the league, the road challenge the current offensive and defensive state is very stable and strong third Hadley’s home court, on the road to win the general strength of the opponent, I’m afraid the difficulty is not small. The recent fighting team in Haley’s home court on Saturday third league away 0 0 draw with FC Jiangban Paderborn team, seven consecutive unbeaten in the league. After the opening of the Harley team for the turn from a guest into a host missed two chances in the second half, slightly dominated situation still did not get the chance, finally away 0 to 0 draw with rivals, after Harley coach Rico · Schmidt said the team did well but failed to gain more opportunities under the condition of score. In this season’s third league, Harley team with 4 wins 6 flat 2 negative 14 goals and scoring 12 goals for ninth in the standings, the main defensive midfielder Fennell and the main center pintore each scored 3 league goals, defender F. Baumgart M also scored 2 goals for the team, after Lo Fennell and the main K. Jia Sura, goalkeeper Blade Lo in the forefront of the season third league players score, of which the main defensive midfielder Fennell on both ends of both show very good state. This Tuesday in Hamburg’s home court, Harley coach Rico · Schmidt said the are very important for the team and the club and the city, obviously favored rivals will face greater pressure in the game, the team will go all out with the micro and Haley’s opportunity to strive to perform miracles. From the team point of view, the bench, Wenzel is attacking midfielder V. Teng rehabilitation, goalkeeper in the Nowitzki is fit, the main attacking midfielder ayani recovered and returned. The visitors are away from home in Hamburg on Saturday morning in the Bundesliga home court 0 3 defeat in Frankfurt, in the League for eight consecutive rounds extremely. After the opening with rivals fiercefighting Hamburg didn’t create a real shot and gave the opponent Oolong gift in thirty-fifth minutes, starting in the second half after a man sent off and then the opponent scored two goals, the final 0 than 3 defeat on home court opponent, after Hamburg coach Gisdol said the team basically no show status should be in the ball after has not been able to enter the race. This Tuesday away Harley team, Hamburg coach Keith Dole said the team is a good opportunity to end the decline of Hamburg, the players must be in the game to go out and show the best. From the lineup, the main defender Djourou and J Passig are entering.相关的主题文章:

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