Tianjin Tourism Quality Supervision experts golden week out of the trap trap lightscape

Tianjin Tourism Quality Supervision experts: golden week free trap far point eleven golden week is approaching, many people will travel. City Tourism Quality Supervision experts and tourism professionals Zhao Li tips, in order to fully enjoy the happy journey, the public should beware of tourism trap". Remember to get the invoice when shopping tourism shopping, try not to buy expensive jewelry, jade, antiques and other commodities in tourism, but also try not to concentrate on the tourist attractions buy valuables. If the purchase should require businesses to issue invoices, indicating the purchase of goods name, quantity, unit price, and stamped with the merchant invoice special chapter or financial chapter, after receipt of the invoice to be carefully verified and properly preserved. Once the purchase items appear to facilitate rights. Beware of soliciting tours of famous tourist attractions such as passenger hub, station, ticket office, tourist attractions such as the door, will gather large number unidentified person, these people with various signs provide car rental, tickets, hotels, commentary, tickets and other services, bus stops are mostly black, go to a stranger don’t place a small cheap ride. There are some tickets, most would say insiders can buy discount tickets, or spend a small fee without tickets can enter into a scenic spot. Many of these tickets may be fake, encounter this kind of crowd, a detour. Don’t blindly participate in the entertainment project some of the tourist attractions may have folk entertainment projects, such as robbing, horse riding, suangua, many are not clearly marked. The tourists out of curiosity in the bride activities, but in the end it is possible to find some cost to you. Some of the gate of the temple, there may be some people posing as monks to you say a few words, but often said they will ask you for money. Some private horse project, not only the existence of security risks, once launched, most of the tourists are not riding, the other holding you may find you want to hold maffei. Therefore, some tourist attractions of the entertainment, if there is no local acquaintances to lead, or do not try. Choose regular restaurant meals free of tourists, can use the Internet to do some homework, eat to choose local diners more restaurant, the restaurant menu is the best price tag, if there is no menu, remember that the price and the owner. When eating seafood, but also pay attention to weighing, how much money to be clear, must not be vague.相关的主题文章:

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