Third of those who look to cry! The latest CP list – foreigner restorator

Third of those who look to cry! The latest CP list for foreigners – anime fans, when watching the work is often very concerned about the role of the CP problems, and even lead to various tear forced wars. Foreigners will be the regular selection of new CP pairing, recently the latest list officially released. The top is from "X" the lust legend the × Mikuliou Schrei. The BL group in one week at the top, and this week won the championship, that they really are not the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. But the happy feeling is Mikuliou × Edna; normal to CP also won tenth. The second is the involution × Usami Ruxi ("the art forms of a problem! "). The ranking is exactly the same as last week. In the latest animation, how will the emergence of Rishi saved from the teacher’s "talons" plot, looks very sweet. The third is obtained from the "bullet on the broken of the 3" seedlings Cheng × fog cut ring son. In the latest animation, seedlings finally clear their feelings of the fog, but the fog has been unable to cut his confession. Now just open the discussion related to this work, can see all kinds of small fly "roar, so now can only look forward to what God launched. Fourth CP Gen × for seven days. This is a pair of "Bullet Theory broken 3" combination. But soon despair and text updates, so how exactly seven fate? And has become the God of the creation of the elder brother, but also in the future how to behave? Ranked fifth is "GAME NEW"! "Lily group. The boss this week also issued sugar, especially light Yagami dressed up, many people Tucao quite Yasina style. As this works only for almost can be said to be coming out of CP, their story also attracted a lot of friends of the heart. In addition, a Lai Xiang × Takanomiya Naho ("orange"), Iraq Coulthard × yateli Hino ("clockwork fairy wars day mirror North Star"), Kohei Chuangzhen × Tian Hui (Institute of food "spirit", halberd) Tennoji Hu Tai Long × Kobe bird ("Rewrite") are also on the list. [the latest list] the first foreigner CP × ("Mikuliou Schrei; lust legend the X") the second involution × Usami Ruxi ("the art forms of a problem! "Third – ×) seedlings; mist cutting ring (sub" broken 3 "projectile on the fourth) to Gen × seven (" broken 3 "projectile theory) fifth light Yagami × (" NEW GAME; Toyama lun! Sixth) "Naruse Xiang × Takanomiya Naho (" orange ") seventh Vaikuntha × Ya Teri Hino (" clockwork elf wars day mirror North Star ") Eighth Kohei Chuangzhen × Tian Hui (Institute of food" the spirit of "halberd ninth day goods)相关的主题文章:

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