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The turnover of counterfeit seal fee income yuan cheat 11 40 thousand yuan original title: Chengdu parents leave kindergarten garden fee income of counterfeit seal cheat 11 arrested more than 40 thousand parents issued fake tickets according to the beam beam month issued false bill pay also received stamp bills, dolls but didn’t attend school. In September this year, living in Xiaojiahe, Ms. Chung sent a child to a nearby nursery school was rejected, even though she was holding a single payment, but was informed of the park as counterfeit bills. And Ms. bell is not an example, and she is similar to a number of parents. The notes on their hands came from a man named Liang Yue (a pseudonym). Previously, Liang Yuezheng is a kindergarten teacher, but as early as 3 years ago has left. Parents react instantly, they are likely to be deceived. They hurried to the jurisdiction of the Chengdu high tech Xiaojiahe Public Security Bureau police station reported the matter. After the police investigation, the relationship was in the beam to work to help others children attending kindergarten, kindergarten style received a total of 11 parents of a total of more than 4 yuan admission fee, in order to increase the credibility, she also Sike kindergarten official, issued a false bill. At present, the beam may have been arrested. 11 of parents reported the admission fee but no dolls on a school in March this year, in order to let the baby to the nursery school, Ms. Chung asked relations found living in the beam near his home, hope to be able to help the kindergarten teacher. Liang Yue also readily should be down, said would do this, but need to pay 4000 yuan admission fee". Ms. Chung then to beam month paid money, also took out 300 yuan as thanks to Liang Yue fee. "At that time, she gave me sent a stamped" kindergarten for the receipt." Miss Zhong thought, although there is no direct through the kindergarten school, as long as the bill, doll school should be no problem, to pay a certain amount of gratitude to the beam should be. But she does not know is that at this time beam month has left 3 years. And Ms. bell, has been aware of the beam of the mother of Ms. Wang, at the end of the year to find a beam of the month, I hope to be able to help beam. Because I have been told that she is a kindergarten teacher, we know her mother, it should be no problem." Ms. Wang introduced, agreed to his request and receive the beam, an admission fee of $4000, also issued notes. However, in September of this year, when the child was sent to kindergarten, Ms. Chung and Ms. Wang were told that the notes on their hands are forged, kindergarten did not receive their information. Similar to two people, there are other 9 parents. "Pay the money, but did not go to school." Parents just react may be deceived, then reported to the police. Forced by the pressure increase the credibility of counterfeit seal made bill received a total of 44000 yuan, the parents after the report, Liang Yue then surrendered to the police surrendered, and confessed his crime facts. By the Chengdu high tech Public Security Bureau police station investigation in Xiaojiahe, the use of its beam in the kindergarten’s relationship to help other children enrolled in kindergarten way to receive a total of 1相关的主题文章:

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