The three Suzhou road is very yellow very beautiful clean sweep Montreal gold t420s

The three Suzhou road is very yellow very beautiful clean sweep Montreal gold the profusion flutters autumn light package to you dear. The shaking, falling leaves. Other worldly color, like in a song chant autumn poem. This season in Suzhou, the sun, the rain flower leaves are nature amorous, thick and heavy in colours disseminated, all things like a freehand taste in the mist in oil painting. Beauty is beauty! Good news from the beginning of Sunday for a month, the following few streets of the leaves will not sweep. Want to see the students can enjoy the beauty of yellow floor to pose! 3 leaves road is currently identified in Suzhou District Road St. (Renmin Road – Hing Street on the south side of the sidewalk) and the green belt of Suzhou District Tongjing Road (Ganjiang road – Maple Road) east of sidewalks and green belt industrial park Linquan Street (Wen Jinglu North – Turntable) on both sides of the sidewalk and green belt please remember time: November 20th – December 20th a buddy may have to worry about, leaves too much will affect the normal traffic, and not?! in the reserved area, sanitation workers still have fallen leaves in the garbage pick up, the fast lane is normal cleaning! If the weather or road construction, pollution accidents, sanitation workers will be general sweep on the implementation of the road within the scope, the weather clears or unexpected situation to eliminate, re preserving natural leaves. So do not worry about the rain and snow leaves too much slippery ~ when you go in this way, see is probably "Montreal development gold blanket" picture: Yes, you may need the leaves of the season, we teach you how to keep the beautiful autumn!相关的主题文章:

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