The Spanish SMG recommended Imperial service can win selection Huanshuai Granada

The Spanish SMG recommended: Imperial service can win Granada selection Huanshuai Friday 027 Spanish Royal Society VS Royal Bettis 2016-10-01 02:45 4-1 victory over Las Palmas home court once let the local media saw the rise of the Royal Society, but last week the North Derby lost to Ewald and let the outside world getting angrier. Obviously, outside of the emperor’s performance is not satisfactory at present, coach Aiwu seppy Aoinn this bear a lot of pressure, because Moyers did not quite marshal before November. The current round of home court is quite critical for the club, winning Bettis is their only way out, which requires the offensive players headed by Bella must play. Royal Bettis round face hard Malaga successfully got three points, which makes the team at puyet standings tenth, ranked in the middle, and just higher than the opponent is a crown agency. But this time at puyet team difficult to dominate, the last five times with the emperor against the agency, Bettis made only 1 wins 1 flat 3 negative record, and in the Arno stadium is the 7 consecutive ETA they have won the war. Optimistic about the club’s home win. On Saturday 014 Eli Gane J 2016-10-01 19:00 CFVS La Liga Granada round lost to the newly promoted ala Weiss led directly to the Granada coach Jemez will be fired. This promises to bring change to the team’s coach ultimately failed to achieve the ambition of advocating offensive play and not well into the Granada team. Obviously, for a target to avoid relegation team didn’t have too much time to try and wait, so in the encounter opening 2 flat 4 negative after Jemez sadly class. The team is looking for replacement, Alcaraz and Baraja to see the opportunity. But before two, coach Prana led the team to play this weekend will be the ancient showdown with Eli Gane J. Eli Gane J, the last round of home court losing to Valencia, which allows them to stay in the home court record 1 flat 2 negative, but the team at the good results, since three they won two away. In the face of crisis of Granada, Eli Gane J naturally want to continue to strive for good grades away. The preferred Granada win, draw up.相关的主题文章:

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