The son of a friend to chat several elderly people cheated no guard jessica rabbit

"The son of a friend" to chat several elderly people not wary of how long I have not cheated to accompany their parents to chat? If the answer is no, please tell your parents about it! Some people pretend that they have friends, this is a sad topic; but some people pretend to be a friend of your relatives, that is a topic worth vigilance. Recently, Hangzhou Xiaoshan has such a "friend around the house". This "friend" specifically looking for the elderly, to chat, greetings, talk for ten minutes, he could earn thousands of yuan! And there are 6 families in the absence of children accompanied by the elderly cheated. Yesterday, Hangzhou, Xiaoshan police announced the case. Chatted for a few minutes, the son of a friend borrowed three thousand yuan Xiaoshan Town, a village in the evolution of Wang aunt, in the morning of September 13th, to see the man naturally into his yard. Men’s self introduction, said his surname is Wang Qu, the son of a friend, is also responsible for the elderly care Council Town staff. Qu told Aunt Wang, some of the elderly living conditions survey of his work is to the community and the village visits, and met in need of help, the government will give some care. Aunt Wang is the son of a friend, but also is the government department staff, immediately put down the guard. Qu Wang and aunt happily chatted. Talked for a while, Qu proposed was going to be near work, who did not have enough money, want to ask Aunt Wang borrow a bit. Aunt Wang did not think, directly home to get three thousand yuan to Qu. In the evening, Aunt Wang and his son said this thing, just know don’t know this son Qu, so the police. Old trick "the son of a friend" and borrowed one thousand yuan after the incident, the police station immediately on the evolution of Aunt Wang home around the surveillance video to see, a lock, short stature, dark skinned suspects. After further investigation, the morning of September 19th, plainclothes police auxiliary police patrol near the evolution to the evolution of a village, found the suspect, who will be arrested on the spot. After verification, the suspect is more than and 60 years old, surnamed Qu, Xiaoshan native, articulate, eloquent. The captured before Qu in the village of a family the same way a man cheated one thousand yuan of money. In the morning, Qu a bus came to the evolution of the town. Into the village for a long time, I saw an uncle sitting in a house before they came up a conversation with him. Chat, uncle said the son is in Linpu restaurant, Qu homeopathy claiming to be his son’s friend, know uncle lived here, visit the. Uncle heard very happy, also want to eat Qu Qu said, go to work, but not enough money, want to borrow some uncle. Uncle gave Qu one thousand yuan, Qu said the second day will also, left in a hurry. How much please remind accompany this case told the elderly this time, Qu is not so "lucky". The police traced earlier, Qu mougang then go to the village, is arrested by plainclothes! The police found out Qu between June 2016 and September, 6 households have 6 Lin Pu Zhen and evolution of Xiaoshan in the town of the village more than the implementation of fraud crimes, the victim is old. The police said, Qu a fraud.相关的主题文章:

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