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The National Day "interesting" single: Yangxin temple into the emperor see how to spend a day – and – editor’s note: the National Day holiday season, usually busy you, if that is not willing to go out of the tourism experience "crowded", also don’t want to stay away at home in the holidays, National Day "interesting" so you may wish to open a small series of carefully prepared, to see the National Museum, the Imperial Palace Museum, the capital museum, Chinese Museum of art for everyone to prepare a holiday gift, perhaps you will gain a lot. [interesting] "into the Yangxin Temple" exhibition time: September 27, 2016 to February 26, 2017 location: the capital museum in 2016 to coincide with the 35 anniversary of the capital museum, in the new China birthday is approaching, the capital museum and the Imperial Palace Museum exhibition jointly launched "into the heart" a house. 268 pieces of precious cultural relics from the Imperial Palace Yangxin temple, the first hundred years "before driving out of the Forbidden City, the capital museum. The main building space exhibition restoration Yangxin temple and furnishings, and supplemented by relevant administration, major events, calligraphy and painting, Birthday wedding, Yangxin hall office and other aspects of the presentation, the audience experience pattern and atmosphere Yangxin hall in the museum space, zero distance feeling of imperial family feelings, understand the emperors of Qing Dynasty in Yangxin Temple governance activities, daily life and national history. The audience in the first blog "Yangxin Temple", not only can close watch the emperor living details, feel the Royal atmosphere, also can understand the origin of the occurrence in Yangxin Temple story — sanxitang name through this exhibition? The window opened, a place in what place? Royal office in the end to what extent? The emperor’s day in Yangxin temple to spend? You can with curiosity, with questions from the the Imperial Palace to the first place driving Bo "Yangxin Temple" in beitou. [interesting] but late colourful — and the Imperial Palace Museum opened chrysanthemum chrysanthemum theme cultural relics exhibition time: September 27, 2016 -2016 October 16th location: the Imperial Palace Museum Square, the square outside the gate of Heavenly Purity longchong, cining gate square, cining garden, cining Gong, Shoukang palace, Yongshou palace, Yan Xi Palace area of flowers in spring and autumn. Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum, is the soul of autumn. Autumn, there are chrysanthemum rhyme. Chrysanthemum, not with flowers in full bloom in the fight alone, clean sweep, simple and elegant, not afraid of frost. "But later Yan — and the Imperial Palace Museum opened chrysanthemum chrysanthemum theme cultural relics exhibition is held in April 2016 following the the Imperial Palace peony exhibition, curated by second flowers as the theme of the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into two parts of the Imperial Palace unseal Chrysanthemum Exhibition "and" the Imperial Palace Museum chrysanthemum theme relics exhibition, the story of the main line, with each category of cultural relics, Cheng is a double feast with the natural beauty of art. So beautiful, how can miss? (Wang Hejin, commissioning editor Lu Jing) [] faith exhibition? 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march spirit? — the inheritance of Red Army memorial museum which contains large exhibition time: from now on -2016 October 30th location: National Museum exhibition consists of six parts: "war epic" and "friendship" and "hard times", "Long March" record "monument." long scroll". By showing the battle of the year.相关的主题文章:

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