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The movie "passing from your world" Deng Chao Yang Yang Yue Yunpeng xiangjianhenwan (Photos) — Guizhou Channel – original screenplay by Zhang Jiajia, directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe Yang Yang, guest starred in Yue Yunpeng, Liu Yan, Zhang Tian’ai cuckoo, lead actor, the annual blockbuster IP, the strongest emotional strongest cast together to create. The movie "passing from your world is coming". Following the "three brothers" trailer and posters, the film side also released the "good brothers" behind the scenes. In the play, Deng Chao Yang Yang, Yue Yunpeng is "the world" three brothers, but they are they good brothers, three people in the cast full understanding and laughter again and again. This piece of Deng Chao Yue Yunpeng exposed the incarnation of Yang Yang ha party bluntly "belt deviation" in the movie "passing from your world", played by Deng Chao Chen at the end of two brothers took their played by Yang Yang’s cousin Mao eighteen and played by Yue Yunpeng college buddies pighead. At the end of eighteen cousin Chen Mao is a technical Indoorsman, will own a lifetime in love iq. Chen at the end of the university has a crush on buddy PigHead, campus Belle swallow, wanted to give her a home. As the three brothers only a stable work of big brother, Chen on the one hand they dislike, waiting for them to move out; but on the other hand, as long as the brothers need help, stand up immediately. Three people in the play is the film "funny play, giggly, each other funny, but the brother to must support each other, never abandon. Three people off screen is more brotherhood, Peigemoqi, a chat is off the reel, in the studio to bring you a lot of laughter. Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng’s "two old driver" love joking with each other, but also always flirts with Yang Yang, the brothers sent the message to "heart" link, Deng Chao with a serious face: "see Yue Yue so tired, so many nights, I often alone in the room cry." "Yang Yang, how could you let my brother so miss you still bangs, would be a crime." Yue Yunpeng is a face of sincerity: "super brother hope you take care of the body, the most important body", "Yang Yang is one of the most lovely little boy, I was a boy I have drunk." Then I grin: "hypocrisy". Yang Yang has always been a good laugh, very happy to know both bluntly "Satin Hands brother, with them on a piece of a" Ha party ", laughter infected the entire crew. "The whole world" "chowhound" xiangjianhenwan emotional blockbuster aggressively praised constantly talk to "common world" 3 brothers, Deng Chao pointed out: "we are all chowhound." Filming intermittent time, three people eat Chongqing delicacy to eat did not stop, has been in the exclamation "delicious", "how can you be so delicious". When three people are working is very dedicated, in order to pursue the real effect, eat small eat to maintain. Three brothers in the group, Deng Chao frankly very happy can accept two such a good brother, is really wrong. Yang Yang think Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng are like two big brother, and they are very happy together. Yue Yunpeng think this brotherhood is little, very rare, Greek)

电影《从你的全世界路过》邓超杨洋岳云鹏相见恨晚(组图)–贵州频道–人民网   由张嘉佳原著 编剧,张一白导演,邓超领衔主演,白百何特约出演,杨洋、张天爱、岳云鹏、杜鹃、柳岩领衔主演,最强IP、最强演员阵容合力打造的年度情感巨制,电影《从你的全世界路过》正在热映中。继“三兄弟”版预告和海报后,片方又发布了“好兄弟”幕后特辑。戏里邓超、杨洋、岳云鹏是“全世界”三兄弟,戏外他们更是相见恨晚的好兄弟,三人在剧组默契十足、欢笑连连。   邓超岳云鹏暴露段子手本性杨洋化身哈哈党直言“带跑偏”   在电影《从你的全世界路过》中,邓超饰演的陈末收留了自己的两个好兄弟:由杨洋饰演的表弟茅十八和由岳云鹏饰演的大学哥儿们猪头。陈末的表弟茅十八是一个技术宅男,将自己一辈子的智商都用在了恋爱上。陈末的大学哥们猪头,则一直痴情于校花燕子,一心想给她一个家。身为三兄弟中唯一一个有稳定工作的大哥,陈末一方面嫌弃他俩,天天盼着他们搬出去;但另一方面,只要兄弟需要帮助,立即挺身而出。戏中的三个人是电影的“搞笑担当”,整天嘻嘻哈哈、互相逗趣,但兄弟有难一定互相扶持、不离不弃。戏外的三个人更是兄弟情深,配合默契,一聊起天就是滔滔不绝,在片场给大家带来了许多欢笑。   邓超和岳云鹏两个“老司机”喜欢互相开玩笑,还总是调戏杨洋,在给兄弟们送寄语的“走心”环节里,邓超一脸严肃:“一看到岳岳那么累,无数个夜晚,我就经常独自在屋子里抽泣。”、“杨洋,你怎么能让哥哥这么想念你一动不动的刘海,简直是罪过。”岳云鹏则一脸真诚:“超哥希望你保重身体,身体最重要了”、“杨洋是我见过最可爱的小男生,我是个男生我都醉了。”然后又不禁坏笑:“虚伪”。杨洋也总是被逗得哈哈大笑,直言特别开心能够认识两个“段子手”哥哥,跟他们在一块就成了“哈哈党”,笑声感染了整个剧组。   “全世界”三“吃货”相见恨晚 情感巨制热映中好评不断   聊到“全世界”三兄弟的共同点,邓超一针见血地指出:“我们仨都是吃货。”拍戏间歇的时候,三人吃重庆美食吃到“根本停不下来”,一直在感叹“太好吃了”、“怎么能这么好吃”。而三人拍戏的时候也是十分敬业,为了追求真实的效果,吃小面吃到撑。讲起组里的三兄弟,邓超坦言特别开心能够收了两个这么好的弟弟,确实是相见恨晚。杨洋觉得邓超和岳云鹏就像两个大哥哥一样,跟他们在一块就很开心。岳云鹏觉得这种兄弟情很少有、很难得,希望三兄弟赶快能够再次团聚,一起吃串、喝酒。   据悉电影《从你的全世界路过》已于9月29日上映,很多观众表示被电影中真挚的情感所打动。观影后有影迷评价“电影中不光包括爱情,也有亲情、友谊,在7个人物中看到了万家灯火、人生百态,特别感动。”有粉丝表示电影让他有勇气去直面自己内心的情感,他决定暂时放下手头的工作勇敢追爱。重庆当地的影迷还对影片表示感谢“十八梯在不久的将来就会消失了。而片中不光有动人的情感,还将重庆的记忆保留了下来,感谢张一白导演,感谢《从你的全世界路过》。”   年度情感巨制《从你的全世界路过》正在热映中,希望有个如你一般的人走进电影院,感受都市人的漂泊与等待,体会属于万家灯火的情感。 (责编:朱晓慧、陈康清)相关的主题文章:

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