The method of using color in ancient painters — painting and calligraphy roxane hayward

The ancient painters use the color – Painting – ancient painters use colors, each with different methods, can not be generalized. The method and the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty painters use two colors, rarely documented in the literature, there is only a single word "". Here, although it is also a common method, but it is more important, you can pick up the two song of the national painting on the fine tradition of color. Li Yan said, "the dye" "cage" in his "Zhupu" the book said: "the dye ‘is the most crucial point, shall be respectively shallow and deep, righting (opposite leaf adaxial leaf), shade. Using water break, avoid visible, to add a generation (this is the two pen, a dip in color, a dip in the water, the first color in painting and should place pen baking break, making it more and more light, but with a pen dipping water, nib again in color for dyeing can also play), the brush of the power, this is. If you don’t care, go astray, the power is useless. By using the method of "fan in indigo (like a flower. Not red grape red. Nanyang produced, China) or pharmacies to sell Fujian "snail green" (i.e. cyanine) placed in the light…… See water (that is, a piece of bamboo, which is the first tip, which is the head of Ye Ji), with the dip pen (from the middle lobe bearing dye pen stain). The leaves are pale. The old leaves Zenong dye. Internode deep hyperchromatic, shallow, pale, temporary transformation degree. (this section is the hook in the image, not dyed green before, first with the cyanine dye have strong weak foundation, this is the first step of coloring. All the leaves of the Tang and Song Dynasties, is the case The method of adjusting the green (malachite green), their research thick glue evenly, not fried water and the severity of huaihua. The "get" is suitable and suitable. Huaihua water and adjusting method is handed down from Tang and song dynasties. Huaihua water instead of "juice extractor", see Zhang Yanyuan on color). In accordance with the law or the pen, to be thin and thick smear, not a trace. The ink must also block road section, do not allow the entry is not neat, white. ("white" is said to reveal a white color between Tao and ink. This is the method of filling, filling the ink into the inside of the road, not to use the ink to cover up the road, after the end of the line of the outline…… Two sets of cage ‘is the result of painting, especially careful. Hou set color dry. Look carefully, no vacancy hoods, with a dry towel to wipe cloth: for fear of falling, colored Yue, just make good uniform treatment. In addition to the back of the leaf. (the back of leaf color is light) are using the "juice" cage (cage is shrouded overdyeing meaning). The back of the leaf is only lightly dipped in a yellow cage." ("juice" is green. Also called "green juice", is the synthesis of gambogic cyanine green.) Li Yan this method – dyeing, cage sets. After the author’s experiment, not only the bamboo leaves, any leaves can use this method. Whether silk or paper (cooked paper). First with the cyanine dye concentration, separation of yin and Yang and light back anyway, it has been dyed with cyanine, two green, three green dye anthocyanic gently up, heavy, green to much thinner, lighter – Ming cyanine light place, to compare with some thick green. This shows cyanine heavy place. Green more thin, pale light cyanine place – Ming place)相关的主题文章:

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