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"The first grade" Yu Shuxin challenge Jiang Qinqin Chen Jianbin fancy show of affection – Entertainment Sohu Yu Shuxin   Sohu entertainment news this Saturday at ten p.m. broadcast Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade?" fifth graduation season out of the play came to Shanghai campus, a film base remake of "the legend of the Condor Heroes" Munianci Zhaoqing fragment, the first time the students the practice of costume martial arts drama experience for angle, try to show, the group played and constantly challenge their own 4 day shoot, including Anita Yuen "heart disease are guilty of" correcting Meng Ziyi, Cheng Yi faded spot protagonist aura, Yu Shuxin challenges the female one can become fragile: this wonderful film. And in the film held on the film show, the media focus Yi also once again feel the dialogue Ang Lee for their own benefit, and said that with the first year students get along very happy. For the first time to play Munianci although Yu Shuxin mocked by Chen Jianbin "still accepted a born beauty, this bowl of dog food Chen and Mrs. Jiang Qinqin figure show of affection. 22 years after Julian Cheung Anita Yuen was completely recapitulation of Guo Jing did not change Mencius loyalty a heart attack "Hunan TV" under the lens is the first grade 4 graduate art colleges, in addition to inside the school based training, team battles and screening tests, under the crew to film base is also an essential part of combat programs. In the fifth phase of the program this Saturday night broadcast, "the first grade? All the teachers and students" graduation season are out of the campus to Shanghai a film base of combat, a remake version of the "Julian Cheung Cobain student teacher Munianci in the legend of the Condor Heroes" QIAOQING fragment. Of course need a remake of the classic director awards director Chen Jianbin nature is the best candidate well, and "frozen old men of God Julian Cheung after a lapse of 22 years that a recapitulation of Guo Jing, changed the costume turned people feeling the time gone, because God looks stature, and 22 years ago, they have no difference. The thought that Anita Yuen will be covered with ronger costumes, unexpectedly Anita sister to set off the students made huge sacrifices — to playing such a grand group play, also did not forget to put on a long haired mole to himself, dedication to director Chen Jianbin were applauded. Lou Yi Xiao and Sun Yaoqi two teachers are playing a Munianci father and passing the bride swarm master, all the teachers are willing to cooperate with the students to complete when the green leaves, "the first grade" version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" shooting. The teachers so attentively and diligently, but the attitude of the students has been training students in each one has its own merits, are Mencius meaning excellent, this is because the missing female one become a swarm, the thief would not play with dirty face did not listen to Anita Yuen repeatedly told the opera for the always good tempered Anita Yuen gas to heart disease made, even to say "you are not a professional actor" verdict on Meng Ziyi. But insisted that he is the true nature of Meng Ziyi could not control the emotions directly in the studio and Anita Yuen to choke up, "this is the first time the first grade teachers and students" show the onset of the face-to-face dispute, see from the day of the fragment, how to communicate with Meng Ziyi how to make Meng Zi Yi understand "suffer as early as possible" this entertainment circle Anita Yuen seems also a wise remark of an experienced person, some hard work. Yu Shuxin: Inspirational female one"相关的主题文章:

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