The fifty anniversary of the death of Lao She’s science fiction Cat City – adapted drama entertainme yezimei

The fifty anniversary of the death of Lao She’s science fiction "Cat City" – adapted drama entertainment Sohu "Cat City" cover director Gu Wei this year is the 50 anniversary of the death of Mr. Lao She, the big media officially announced that its holding of Beijing No. fifty-six culture media Limited (Gu Wei drama studio), authorized by Lao She’s family, will be the first rehearsal of Lao She MR and the Nobel prize for literature by allegory "Cat City". The "Cat City" is about the contents of a flight to Mars airplane crash in Mars to machine in the collision, only I survived, but by a group of aliens with cat face to their cat City, began the extraterrestrial life. The whole novel from the hero rescue yourself, make cat friends, to learn our language, into the cat capital of adventure, and so many details are in line with the logic of social science. But Lao She in the creation of this novel, we grasp the scientific and technological capabilities of mankind, in fact, the understanding of Mars is still very limited, there is no conclusive conclusions on the existence of advanced life on mars. So the "Cat City", the novel can be said to be built in a science fiction style background, under the prevailing literary environment and background, is of great significance to the cross. The cross time science fiction masterpiece "Cat City" will be adapted drama mentioned Lao She rub shoulders the Nobel Prize, many people may first think of is "teahouse" and "camel Xiangzi", perhaps the only part of the people know the novel "Cat City". Lao she had completed in 1932 when it is a heterogeneous works, that represents the literary world’s highest honor, the Nobel prize in literature has been in love with it, and this work is the "Cat City". In a sense, this work can be regarded as a time beyond the works of the times. When this work was introduced to the west, the theme and style of the Western readers, sources said that in 1968, the Nobel prize for literature has decided to award Mr. Lao She, just as he had already died, it will be an award to the Japanese writer Kawabata Yasu. In this work, Lao She’s black humor of the language style of doubt. Lao She is a pioneer and representative of Beijing taste novels, but in the "Cat City", this work is not like the past over the Beijing dialect compiled image. As a foreigner cat treat, they have such a passage in communication with the protagonist in good faith: "why do we organize this group? Because the local people dirty habits can not be corrected, their meals and poison almost, their doctor is — oh, they didn’t get a doctor!" Suddenly turning similar speaking, are often designed in comic burden, there is a smile at the same time, will cause us to introspect the appropriate time in the national health and medical conditions and customs. Although the novel deviates from the commonly used humorous techniques, it has the characteristics of black humor, which has been widely recognized by the world in 1960s. The use of symbolic irony in this "Cat City" is throughout. Our society.相关的主题文章:

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