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The family did not hold two cat bed heating heating "home heating is not hot, should wear cotton trousers in the room……" Yesterday, Xiangyang District, Shenyang city residents reflect, heating for eighth days, home heating has been cold, sleep at night have to wear a hat." In this regard, Shenyang Ding Ding thermal heating company responded: has been intermittent heating, because the old pipe network, is being repaired, nearly one or two days will restore heating." Huanggu district heating Office responded: in the cold before the arrival of the new tube. Sleep hat plus three layer is at about 1 pm yesterday, reporters came near Shenyang city Cangshan Road, Xiangyang District, Liaoning province. The reporter saw the main pipeline unit in front of the rusty rust, all from the 6 floor to the 1 floor of the heating pipe line, with a touch of iron will fall off, a lot of pipeline insulation layer outsourcing has fallen, the main bar does not have a temperature, some still Water Leakage. "It has been broken for several days, and no one has come to repair it." One resident said angrily. 87 – 1 home building residents said Ms. Lee, she was wearing a hat in the room wearing a coat. "When the home heating what is cool, no way home patients can only open DianRuZi heating in the house, I also heavily armed." Another resident went on to say: "my home is also very cold, the elderly sleep at night to cover 3 blankets, or else the night was frozen to wake up." Resident Ms. Wang said: "the family has been very cold, if you don’t supply heating, heating to a standard, the refund fee, the compensation for damages." Subsequently, the reporter went to Ms. Wang’s building 7. The reporter put his hand on the radiator and felt the warmth is cool, Ms. Wang’s thermometer showed 15 degrees. "This is the warmest time of the day. It’s even colder at night without sunshine." Ms. Wang said with a frown. Reporters came to building 5, unit 5, Ms. Liu’s home on the 3 floor. The thermometer at home shows 16 degrees celsius. "This is my burning hot water heated to room temperature." Ms. Liu said, since the heating, home heating is not hot, the house with the icy night. Thanks to the family raised two kittens, Liu can only hold kittens to warm. "At night it had put the bed, or simply can not sleep, must be frozen up." Reporters touched a circle, Ms. Liu’s home all the heating is cool. "Last year, 23 degrees, wearing suspenders at home, wearing a padded jacket at home this year, heating costs to pay, but also nobody." Heating pipe is closing the valve maintenance reporter in charge of the district heating Shenyang Ding Ding thermal heating company master Liu learned that the district is the company’s new pipeline this year, aging serious. Paomaodilou special. Liu master took the reporter to a maintenance site, several workers are using welding on the unit vertical bar welding. Liaoshen Evening News reporter: residents of the home these days without heating, because maintenance? Heating company workers: heat transfer station temperature is normal, is not sent out, maintenance time, must close the valve operation. Liaoshen Evening News reporter: 7 small buildings are in this situation? Heating company workers: tube leakage, can not hold pressure. This is the case for almost every cell. For as soon as possible to replace the new tube reporter then linked to Xing Ding heating company production manager Zhang Yaotong. Zhang Yaotong said:.相关的主题文章:

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