The eggs under the cuckoo the inescapable fate of the art block antik

The cuckoo’s egg: difficult to escape the fate of the original art district Title: Art District, the cuckoo’s egg a thinking person, in the spirit of feeling boring, may wish to go to the City Art District in a turn, or income. If you come out or nothing, at least you can form criticism of the arts district. This is the Art District, escape the fate: it is worthy of the name in the early stage, and is the social aesthetic and ideological trend of the benchmark; slowly it was a dog in the manger, reflect the relation between art and Commerce specimens. To Beijing by the end of July 798, the intention of course is to find the artist, but found only the art dealer, to feel the art, but feel the price is mainly. Artists have been out, some have left, and some moved to a slightly lower rent perimeter. Many of the city’s Art District, are facing the same fate: the physical level is still there, the spirit has long been empty. Sketch Art District in mid July, I met the artists in Songzhuang (Wu Gu hidden the name), said the statistics Songzhuang has more than 5000 artists, but maybe in this life for many years, he believes that there should be tens of thousands of. This is a mystery to the mainstream society. Because of the mediocre life allergy, artists were considered a loner, but from the beginning of 90s, these people are consciously gathered in each big city fringe has become an art district, exists in the social form. A large number of independent, sensitive, expressive and creative society "alternative", get together to form a spiritual community (surface), this is what kind of atmosphere? It is this mystery, aroused public voyeurism, this is the psychological condition of 798 such art district of tourists. Tourists, rather than consciously seeking artistic nourishment, are at least not. People go to 798 and go to Nanluogu Lane, there is no essential difference in the psychological appeal, the tourists need is not a spiritual inspiration, but a "here". For example, in 798, the entrance reads "798" sign is the "holy to millions of people". Many art district, in fact, has become a "Art District ruins", but they are still the city’s "forced grid" the highest place, people still regard it as a source of pride. In January this year to Shanghai, local friends recommend me to Tianzifang, after the discovery, restaurants, cafes and crafts store is one of the main characters, the most suitable for dinner and peace talks. Tianzifang has also been a spontaneous gathering of artists formed in the Arts District, started in 1998, painter Chen Yifei rented an idle plant in this studio. In any case, the demand for the banner of art is not a bad thing in itself, to a certain extent, it reflects the improvement of social aesthetic ability and material bearing capacity. A gallery in 798, an art dealer told me, because art has an adequate supply of civilians, a painting the original low-end only need a few thousand dollars or even hundreds of yuan, the average family can afford it, so in a sense has become a threat to the home improvement industry相关的主题文章:

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