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The drama "the last warrior" launched a tribal Princess – Cai butterfly interpretation Cai Cai butterfly butterfly entertainment Sohu as Alika Sohu Entertainment Tonight, directed by Tan Qiao, lufangsheng, Cai Die et al in the drama "the last warrior" officially landed in Beijing TV channel. In the play, Cai Die, the new generation actress, plays the brave and strong Xiangxi tribe princess, Princess Alika. The play is set in the early 1940s of the Miao Tun Anti Japanese uprising, tells the story of Tujia Nationality in Xiangxi against the tyranny of victory after the Tuen rent, tens of thousands of children to accept adaptation, went to the Anti Japanese battlefield jointly protect our homes and defend our country epic. Cai Die’s Alika is the daughter of the Dragon tribe headman, known as "Princess", collects all the princess features: beautiful and generous, but there are also some "small vices stubborn do not listen". Coincidental with the original tribal chiefs of stone air meet, and is attracted to him, whether stone wind is to save or revenge, at his side to help him, after becoming a heroic Anti Japanese fighter. Because the story needs to play a lot of explosion, blasting scenes, in order to show the war scene, the burst point and actor diameter distance is very short, Cai butterfly all personally into battle, the perfect completion of each scene, professional attitude and spirit of dedication has been recognized by the whole group of colleagues. Cai butterfly has been working full speed since his debut, recently filming drama "marriage" is worth looking forward to. It is reported that the play from today in the BTV channel fourth five night free, please watch.相关的主题文章:

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