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The dinner of small things "out" big things! The dinner party cadres must guide – Sohu news according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news, as of July 31, 2016, Shandong province were investigated in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental health problems since 1816, handling 2725 people. Among them, there are 212 violations of public funds. For "dinner red line", much discipline had issued a warning. For Party members and cadres, eat a small thing, but out big thing! How to prevent the "dinner touch the red line, this guide please! To ask to go to dinner before three"!       a question: who pays? Note: "public funds pay" is a taboo private party "expense" is a taboo, pay to the party "wrong people harm themselves, Party members and cadres will be involved, so that the private party can easily change the taste good. Two question: and who eat? Note: should be clearly the nature of the small circle to dinner a private party should pay special attention to the participants, in addition to visiting guests, friends and so on normal human reception exchanges, other students, the villagers would be held in the name of the small circle with an obvious nature of the events, should be explicitly rejected or conscious avoidance. Of course, do not involve public funds, does not involve the business relationship between the students, the villagers simply a small gathering, not in this column. Three question: where to eat? Note: the "internal reception facilities" very sensitive public officials can not access private clubs, private clubs, but not in high consumer entertainment arrangements for banquets or participate in others to arrange an invitation to dinner. In addition, the internal reception room is also more sensitive, such as a good dining room decoration. The 20 can not go to dinner! (recommendation 1), are not allowed to participate in the official banquets. [] interpretation of the official reception must rigorously enforce thrift, oppose extravagance and waste, and strictly control the scope of reception and reception standards. Over the scope of the super standard arrangements for the reception of public funds, public funds should belong to dinner. 2, no subordinates to engage each other. [] because Chiqing interpretation of official activities, superior units or subordinate units reception, sending units shall issue a letter to the reception unit, the reception unit can arrange meals at a time, and strictly control the number of meals to accompany. Between the upper and lower levels, other arrangements without substantial official activities each other should not accept an invitation to dinner. 3, no city public dining arrangements. [] in interpretation or the same county (District) between the various departments of the official activities, should arrange their own personal meals, which shall not use the units of public funds to pay, can not accept the public reception. 4, to accept an invitation to dinner. [] the interpretation of basic units to the township and other basic units to carry out official activities, the reception is really necessary, it shall in principle inside the canteen township "independent kitchen units, not let the grass-roots units arrange banquets. 5, are not allowed to accept [regulations] to receive remote interpretation outside the jurisdiction of the place to carry out official activities, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the business trip to arrange meals. Indeed, due to the limitations of the conditions can not arrange their own meals, after the official letter issued by the other party by the official reception相关的主题文章:

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