The concert hall 68 year old Zheng Jinghe a night to challenge the full set of little no of the ca1805

Shanghai Music Hall at the age of 68 Zheng Jinghe a late challenge Bach full set of "small" Zheng Jinghe playing Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Works the night after Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Works, nearly twenty years, almost no one dared to touch the classical music, but the 68 year old violin "Queen" Zheng Jinghe do. On the weekend to a music hall, a man with a guitar, nearly three hours, she with steely courage and will, great skill and strength, endless notes and enthusiasm build a music "Temple", "it’s always been my dream of things, it is the challenge, as it is a" Zheng Jinghe said in an interview before the show time. Perhaps, many of the audience missed in the prime years witnessed its style, but lucky to hear a section of the legendary writing. Let me talk about the violin without barriers to express themselves while classical music eye-catching female violinist meet the eye everywhere but the last century, in 60s and 70s, the most outstanding violinists were mostly male, until a yellow skin and black hair of Asian girls. In 1967, the 19 year old South Korean girl Zheng Jinghe and 18 year old young Israeli Pingqiasi · Zuckerman attended Levin street contest. In this patient because of famous game for many years the winner of the vacancy, the jury also awarded the Grand Prix There was no parallel in history. to two people. Since then, Zheng Jinghe conquered the band originally sceptical of Asians with their equal to anything on the bowstring’s performance, and for a whole generation of Asian musicians have the opportunity to show their talent in the international arena opened the door. Soon Zheng Jinghe and the violin, from 9 years old. As with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Mendelsohn Violin Concerto, she became the eyes of the world "Violin prodigy". That time, the first time she touched the piano only three years. "Actually, I was shy when I was a kid, but I was so excited when I was performing. It was the violin, which made me express myself without any obstacles. That’s why I started acting." Speaking of Zheng Jinghe’s talent on the violin, she had to raise her family. The South Korea’s most prominent classical music home birth including her three world-class musician: sister Zheng Minghe is a cellist, conductor, pianist brother Zheng Mingxun, is almost concentrated Korean classical music development road. "I’ve known a lot of musicians over the years, but no one is as passionate as she is. If one works with orchestras, she will advance all the musical back out, even more clearly than the command performance is good or bad, she is a command to be afraid of people "," cold "is known for his sister Zheng Mingxun commented. Talk about retirement "repay" became another harvest for half a century art career, Zheng Jinghe has been on the stage all-powerful oriental legend, until 57 years old. 2005, due to the left hand ring finger injury, the active violinist had to fade out of sight. Two years later, she returned to her alma mater Julia Institute to teach, will be a lot of dedication to the cause of teaching. "I’ve had enough attention since I was a child.相关的主题文章:

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