The 7 thing to teach children experience the parents cannot condone child

Teaching experience: parents can never tolerate the child 7 things love children, is the nature of the parents. This love is not only to contain the sense and wide, should be a degree of tightness, for children in the "can" and "can not" draw a clear boundary, so that their behavior rules. Learn to endure a moment of discomfort and troubles, even endure unnecessary pain, therefore, several kinds of behavior in children following, must promptly stop, must not be soft, not to become tolerant indulge — 1, walked her to give you a pair of pocket crystal shoes, tell you that it is from my friend’s house on the ground of the. Standard practice: immediately take the child to return the goods, let him personally apologize: I’m sorry, I took your things to go home to play, and now back to you, please forgive me." With the process of "to its origin owner to admit a mistake, let the children learn. 3, the 4 year old children do not have the concept of "property" and the sense of belonging, that they like, want to be their own. In this regard, parents do not take the attitude of "never again". Remember the old saying: not good for small, small and whom not to be evil. 2, do not start the children playing in the sand, one grab a buddy toy bulldozer, failed to bite to each other’s hands. As a result, bulldozers get their hands. Standard practice: Parenting educator Dr. Dong Jinyu think, to bite children, parents must be serious criticism, let him know that bite is wrong, has caused harm to the child, must personally apologize; at the same time, let him understand that kids play out if you do not want to lend themselves to play, he should learn to accept it the best. In addition to criticism and reason, some of the punishment is essential, and will be contrary to the treatment of punishment in front of him: care and comfort the child was bitten. So that children know, attack others not only can not succeed, but also can not get any benefits, and consciously abandon aggressive behavior. 3, the sleep 10 at night to sleep, the child is the doll and plush toys booth to bed standard practice: finger wall cartoon clock, motioned for the child to go to bed time, he told the rest time to ensure that the second day to the kindergarten is not late. None of the children will go to bed on their own initiative, they never play enough. If parents allow children again and again three to sleep, regular routine and good life habit is hard to develop. Therefore, regardless of the child to find any reason, parents have to find a way to refuse. 4, see the toys on the walk in the supermarket, you refuse to buy the Bobbi doll, her daughter is tightly hold not to put, you can explain also don’t let go, also sat down on the ground. Standard practice: to show your attitude to children: do not buy toys today, because just recently bought a set of Bobbi dolls. If the children do not listen to their parents, may wish to ignore, vexatious, continue to choose other items, or pretend to go away, let it sit on the ground crying. Compromise is not wise, otherwise the child will become aggravated. Wait for the child to calm down, by telling the truth or telling stories, etc., to make it clear, sensible;相关的主题文章:

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