The 7 kind of wealth is a kind of eternal wealth is temporary also by the five! 66814

The 7 kind of wealth is a kind of eternal wealth is temporary also by the five! Their material wealth belongs to the "five total" (map): the heart Chinese Lunar New Year’s day to meet the most auspicious words is "Congratulation", visible people for the pursuit of material wealth is ingrained, so their wealth is how come? How can we have permanent wealth? 1, their material wealth belongs to the "five total" Buddha said: outside property belonging to five are: water, fire, theft, misgovernment, son. Five kinds of karma will come to nothing more than whenever and wherever possible between their wealth overnight. Therefore, the property itself is not reliable, actually does not belong to their own unique. 2, the "seven holy wealth" is the eternal law of property "sentence scroll · a verse in the goods": letter money ring money, money also ashamed; Wen Shi Choi Choi, Choi Hui a. This verse means that Buddhism teaches people pay more attention to the "seven holy wealth", namely: faith, shame, shame, ring, smell, and wisdom. These seven kinds of money belong to the soul, morality, spirit, is eternal, lasting, really belong to their own property. 3, the letter is Caixin confidence, belief, faith, faith. First of all, we must be confident that we have a "Buddha", just by the cover of trouble, through the maintenance of Buddhism will develop their own wisdom. Followed by faith, faith, life has the goal of the right, rather than the wrong purpose. Liberated from three, is the greatest and most correct belief. The third is to be honest, honest and trust people. Fourth although Jungshin, Buddhist, the Cape Verde as a saviour to look at, to bless themselves, a Buddhist who are superstitious, believe, Buddha is our teacher, not our god. Buddha can only be a teacher. 4, quit money ring, can we live healthy. Then, even erosion, frantic self harm is not harmful. Should do, should not do not do. 5, money can understand their own shortcomings, can do good and not good, can not do evil to evil, know oneself should do better and not to do so, there will be ashamed of yourself, try to change myself. 6, money is to reflect on their own shame shame, failed to fulfill their obligations, even regret sorry others, reminder to care and help, the interests of others. 7, smell the smell, that is, to hear the Buddha, of course, all useful knowledge also need to learn. Never too old to learn, to develop the habit of expanding their whenever and wherever possible be wealthy in knowledge, mind and vision. 8, Shi Shi Shi, is to give. To give to others. Charity is divided into three kinds, donate money, Dharma, fearless generosity. Money to help the poor, no money, energy, but also to help others. Fabs is using the wisdom of Buddha to give others. No money cannot give law, can comfort others in danger. 9, Hui Choi in the world is the most valuable wisdom". Poverty is foolishness and greed. Wisdom, no trouble, but also to help others. Therefore, wisdom is the most important to the practice and the common people. Make money with physical strength is limited, but the wisdom to make money is unlimited. Buddhism advocates increasing material wealth. Pay more attention to the "letter, ring, ashamed, ashamed, smell and wisdom" seven holy and permanent.相关的主题文章:

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