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Text string to play the hand the rational market cooling Wuhan Wuhan antiques market, a customer, is quite poor. This version of the picture photo reporter Tang Shiyun runs a shop owner Huang Haiyan Wenwan gem show better quality of the jade bracelet. Changjiang Daily News   once hundreds of million of Bodhi bracelets, coconut shell bracelets, is now down to a thousand dollars, or even tens of dollars – reporter Tang Shiyun   osmanthus fragrance, autumn gradually, it is the fresh walnut season. This time in previous years, a lot of hot money gambling market is playing "green" (with a skin fresh walnut) good time. However, since last year, Wenwan walnut prices plummeted and the market performance this year is even more impressive: the former one of precious varieties can sell thousands or even one hundred thousand yuan, now fell to a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars still No one shows any interest in. Chaoqichaola Wenwan walnut, 2008 prices soaring, now less than ten years, was "back", it’s just a kind of toys in the market especially prominent. As the Wenwan objects form the most concentrated, most people contact bracelets, perhaps more representative. Recently, the reporter visited the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River Wenwan market, you are trying to interpret the laws of the market price on Wenwan hand behind the veil of the whirling. Tian and hand string: ten years prices have gone up 200 times on the hand, called "beads", it is a tool by Buddhism evolved Wenwan accessories, in recent years by the middle class personage love, become the symbol of wealth and status. Huang Haiyan, engaged in gem business for more than 20, there is a specialized sales of gem jade club in the vicinity of Wuchang Wuhan City seamount Jingu beside the main product store sales for the Hetian jade and jade. In recent years due to the rising price of Wenwan on hand, has gradually become the main business shop. The top of the Hetian jade, jade hand string in the market is generally rare, because the unified system will be a large number of beads material loss. Therefore, such a hand string does not appear, one is astronomical. If 10 years ago a million yuan price on hand till today, at least 2 million yuan from." Between 10 years, prices have soared 200 times, Ms. Huang’s remarks point out the text string to play the hand an astonishing price insider. Ms. Huang said, Hetian jade and jade bracelets is just a case, because the Hetian seed material has virtually disappeared. But in the text string to play the hand market liquidity is not the biggest Hetian jade and jade, "before the Ministry of popular movie called" Crazy Stone ", in fact, now is not just the crazy stone." Ms. Huang said that in recent years has been from the text string to play the hand hot stone extends to the wood, tooth angle, even we ordinary people can not imagine the olive and pine nut shell, coconut shell. Ms. Huang, for example, is Nanan Onyx, 2009 South red stone or the catty to sell, the price is not worth a mention, as bracelets, there is also to form auxiliary beads, septa, but from the beginning of 2014, with a few times the price rise trend, this year is the jade into the ranks of newspaper相关的主题文章:

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