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" double " Cai Yingwen, 92 consensus calls for celebration Jutan a Sohu – Military Channel first page: Taiwan double ten celebration Cai Yingwen Jutan 92 consensus [click the picture to the next page] Cai Yingwen first published "ten" speech. Today, Taiwan held a "double ten celebration ceremony to" Taiwan, "it’s nice to have you" as the theme. Cai Yingwen will be the first in Taiwan leader issued a "Double Tenth speech", she on the cross-strait relations will undoubtedly become the focus of discussion. According to the Taiwan Chinese network quoted "when the electronic newspaper reported on October 10th, Cai Yingwen’s" Double Tenth speech "will be" firmly forward, let the "state" for reform and great ", from" internal affairs "and" foreign "and the two sides separately elaborated the new government policy, and points out the main policy is to improve the" internal affairs "especially, the stability of the people, the hearts of young people," foreign "mining" of Japan, light weight on both sides, to break through the mainland to Taiwan to participate in international organizations containment. Cai Yingwen, 9, attended the celebration of the "National Day" concentric circles of the whole world, said the two sides should sit down as soon as possible to solve the problem of dialogue. She told the audience that "please rest assured, the" Republic of China "government commitment, we are committed to establish consistency, sustainable and predictable cross-strait relations, maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait and maintain democracy in Taiwan". According to the "presidential palace" spokesman Huang heavy saying in advance, cross-strait relations, Cai Yingwen reiterated that the 520 inaugural address, in the "constitution of the Republic of China", cross strait relation regulation and other relevant laws to handle cross-strait relations, cross-strait talks in 1992 NPC and CPPCC respect historical facts. Cai Yingwen also reiterated recently repeatedly referred to the "four no", namely "our commitment in cross-strait relations, the same kindness unchanged, will not yield under pressure, will not go back against the old", and stressed that Taiwan will continue to participate in international efforts. According to the Taiwan news network news, Cai Yingwen’s "double talk" as the proverb Basic Yellow heavy trailer, in the cross-strait relations and no new changes, for the "92 consensus" she continued to "respect the 1992 cross-strait talks history" with the phrase too. (full text attached to the end of the text) Cai Yingwen said on cross-strait relations, to establish a consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-strait relations, maintain Taiwan’s democracy and peace in the Taiwan Strait situation is the new government’s unswerving position; she said, "the status quo is my commitment to voters, the new government will be based on the" constitution of the Republic of China "" cross strait relation regulations "and other relevant laws, handle cross-strait affairs, will make every effort to maintain cross-strait dialogue and communication mechanism. Cai Yingwen also pointed out that over the past two months, cross-strait relations a little ups and downs, but we stand firm and firm. Our commitment will not change, our good intentions will not change, nor will we bend under pressure, but will not go back against the old, this is our attitude to maintain the status quo, but also the basic desire for peace. She also called on the Chinese mainland to face up to the fact that the Republic of China, the people of Taiwan face a firm belief in the Democratic system. Celebration scene: "sing the tune" this morning,!相关的主题文章:

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