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The identity of the Tang hee staged a large spy spy feelings "ambush" war – Sohu entertainment Tang hee female agents both Sohu entertainment news media produced by the "Anti Japanese" ambush ", is now Guizhou TV prime time broadcast like a raging fire. In a recent episode, Tang Xi plays the Japanese female spy Zhao Lanhui Shi Yongkai, actor (Xu Jiashi) is warranted, even at night, visiting relatives. Shi Yongkai and the Communist Party’s identity, so that the relationship between the two fundamentally the opposition. This makes people can not help but wonder, if one side of the root of the deep species, so that the feelings of how to end it? Under the cover of beauty? Tang Xi since his debut, most of them are smart, full of vitality positive image. In the "new living Buddha Ji Gong", the first time she plays opposite a ghost face view Yin, I did not expect to get the director and audience acclaim. Since then, her fierce temperament to be fully explored isspicy. Now in the ambush, played a hidden inside the Kuomintang Japanese agents. When she drops Xian Yi Xianshu, wearing cheongsam of the Republic of China, and the style is really always can let a person forget her cruel means in a moment. But the Japanese agent is different from the Kuomintang, Shi Yongkai and her identity in essence on the opposition, he started from a lack of trust to lanhui feelings, but his warm welcome also puzzled. Both sides do not want to spy on each other as you come to me, the audience of two people play against a surge in interest. Adhere to the principle of love? In the night before Shi Yongkai’s soulful, for his wounded worry, the next moment in front of the boss to doubt his identity, "ambush" double agent Zhao Lanhui, can be described as "due diligence duty". Only in this way, more people doubt her feelings for Shi Yongkai. When Shi Yongkai went to Nanjing to perform dangerous tasks, she was unable to part farewell and to reveal their identity, may watch such a generous gift, it seems, it is Zhao Lanhui Shi Yongkai to win the trust on the plight of the play? Just under the background of the war of resistance against Japan, the fate and emotion of the individual is bound to be closely related to the national honor and disgrace. Tang Xi in the play the emotional drama like most of the spy, trapping everywhere, everywhere. Night 19:30, lock Guizhou TV, and the excellent underground, how to break the siege and double war feelings.相关的主题文章:

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