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Shuai Chi movie sleeping curse was awarded "special rescue" – Entertainment Sohu Shuai Chi film "love" in the Shuai Chi film stills inequality sleeping curse was received "special rescue" Sohu entertainment news by Shuai Chi, Gao Yang, Li Li starred in the suspense film "love" ethical inequality will be released in October 6th. In the film, Shuai Chi in "sleeping curse" vegetable, won the women’s started a series of "special rescue". As the only national day stall a suspense movie, "love" tells the story of a series of inequalities between a pair of "incomplete" and can not explain the mystery of strange feeling. The painter Shuai Chi plays Wang Pingan in the film, he and Gao Yang as mangnv Zhang Fengxi met at a sketch, his appearance was originally living in the dark world of Zhang Fengxi is full of longing for love. When two people feel for each other, an unknown accident that Wang Pingan was in a coma, but Zhang Fengxi has love can not extricate themselves and often lost in fantasy. "Sleeping" Wang Pingan in her "special rescue", even the magic to restore some of the senses, and all these are secretly monitored. Move the man, the invisible woman, a pair of men and women to become involved in the "incomplete" miwuchongchong bizarre incident, is pure love or naked desire, what is the secret sorrow or hidden mystery, "October 6th" a fantastic love inequality of odd love mystery will be staged.相关的主题文章:

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