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Short temporary positions dropped to recognize counsels RMB nearly three month low U.S. stock market center: exclusive offers a survey across the industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants FX168 news Reuters released Thursday showed that over the past two weeks, most of the emerging Asian currencies popularity improved, which benefit from the more gradual rise and the ECB further easing market expectations, but also to a rebound in oil prices of risky assets boost. According to the Tuesday to Thursday of the 20 fund managers, foreign exchange traders and analysts survey, the RMB against the U.S. dollar bearish bets fell to the lowest since the end of November. The RMB exchange rate reform since July 2005 Monday hit the biggest one-day rise, because the central bank China within a week after the Lunar New Year holiday sharply high in the middle of RMB exchange rate. Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of the Chinese central bank, said that the reform of the RMB exchange rate would help the market to respond more flexibly to the speculative power of betting on the devaluation of the renminbi. Zhou Xiaochuan said the continued depreciation of RMB no basis, China will maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate against a basket of currencies, while allowing the renminbi against the dollar has more floating. The signs of RMB stabilization and expectations of major central banks may further easing monetary policy, helping to improve the popularity of emerging Asian currencies. According to the Fed minutes released, policymakers at the meeting last month fears that the global economic slowdown and financial market crash may drag on the U.S. economy, and consider changing the planned 2016 rate hike path. Brad, the chairman of St. Louis fed, said it was unwise to continue raising interest rates when inflation expectations fell and stock markets fluctuated". European Central Bank President Delagi reiterated to reconsider the stance of monetary policy in March. The Indonesian rupiah gained a bullish overall market, the first since November 2014, and favored by investors because of its record high yield. Malaysia ringgit is at least the best in April 2015. Rising oil prices have eased concerns about the decline in oil and gas revenues in the country, and investors have returned to the Treasury bond market. Malaysia’s economy grew by 4.5% in the fourth quarter, less than 4.7% in the third quarter, but higher than Reuters’ median estimate of 4.3%. 2015 annual economic growth of 5%, an increase of less than 6% in 2014, but still within the scope of the government’s 4.5-5.5% estimate. The baht’s popularity is almost neutral, the best since mid April 2015, and the inflow of funds into short-term treasury bonds. The baht touched a nearly four month high last week, helping the demand for gold exporters. The yuan and Hong Kong dollar popularity has been at its best since October, following the trend of RMB popularity improvement. Won a few bets without changing the prospects in Asian currencies is the worst, due to escalation of geopolitical tensions with North Korea, and South Korea is expected the central bank will cut interest rates further. The current position of Reuters survey focused on emerging markets in Asia nine currencies, the RMB, they are won, Singapore dollar, Indonesian rupiah, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Malaysia rupee Peso ringgit and the Thai baht. Proof: Star editor: Li Wu SF053

空头暂认怂 人民币空仓骤降至近三个月新低 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   FX168讯 路透周四公布的一份调查报告显示,过去两周多数新兴亚洲货币人气改善,这受益于美国更为渐进升息及欧央行进一步放松政策的市场预期,而油价反弹也给高风险资产带来提振。   据周二至周四对20位基金经理人、外汇交易员和分析师的调查,人民币兑美元看跌押注降至11月底以来最低。   人民币周一创出2005年7月汇改以来最大单日涨幅,因中国央行在为期一周农历新年假期过后大幅调高人民币汇率中间价。   中国央行行长周小川称,人民币汇率改革将有助于市场更灵活地应对押注人民币贬值的投机力量。周小川称人民币无持续贬值基础,中国将维持人民币汇率对一篮子货币稳定,同时允许人民币兑美元有更大浮动。   人民币企稳迹象,及主要央行可能进一步宽松货币政策的预期,帮助改善了新兴亚洲货币的人气。   据美联储发布的会议纪要,决策者在上个月会议担忧全球经济放缓与金融市场大跌可能拖累美国经济,并考虑改变原先计划好的2016年升息路径。   圣路易联储主席布拉德则称,在通胀预期下降和股市波动的时候继续升息是“不明智的”。欧央行行长德拉吉重申准备在3月重新考虑货币政策立场。   印尼盾获市场整体看涨,为2014年11月以来首见,因该国公债收益率创纪录高位,颇受投资者青睐。马来西亚林吉特至少为2015年4月来最佳。油价回升舒缓了人们对该国油气收入减少的担忧,投资者重返该国债市。   马来西亚第四季经济增长4.5%,不及第三季的4.7%,但高于路透调查的预估中值4.3%。2015全年经济增长5%,增幅低于2014年的6%,但仍在政府4.5-5.5%预估范围内。   泰铢人气近乎中性,为2015年4月中旬以来最佳,获资金流入短期国债的推动。泰铢上周触及近四个月高位,受助于黄金出口商的需求。坡元和台币人气创10月以来最佳水平,追随人民币的人气改善趋势。韩元空头押注几无变化,前景在亚洲货币中最差,因韩国与朝鲜地缘政治紧张局面升级,且预计韩国央行将进一步降息。   路透调查集中于亚洲新兴市场九种货币的当前仓位情况,它们是人民币、韩元、新加坡元、印尼卢比、台币、印度卢比、菲律宾披索、马来西亚马币和泰铢。  校对:星晴 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

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