Shenzhen parking 3 boys were rolling the network driver was playing mobile phone

Shenzhen parking lot 3 boys were rolling net driver was playing mobile phone Nanfang Daily News (reporter Li Ronghua) the day before, Shenzhen net transfer of a female driver in the parking lot when driving the car to play mobile phone, knocked down and rolled three boys. Shenzhen police official said on the evening of 19 by micro-blog has this file, and the driver had Moufang whether or not to use mobile phone at the time of the accident for further verification. Shenzhen police informed that the traffic police department at 15:25 on September 17th received the alarm, the accident site is located in Baoan District manhole Street Huasheng Building parking lot. Informed that, according to the survey, the driver Ceng Moufang (female, 31 years old, the owner) at 14:51 am driving Guangdong B874** plate of the vehicle in the parking lot when knocked down and rolled in the parking lot of the squatting play Pengmou (male, 5 years old), Chen (male, 6 years old), fan (male, 5 at the age of three children), the accident caused Pengmou scratch, chen fan and multiple fractures, three people no danger. Informed that, according to the field test, the driver had Moufang breath alcohol content is 0. Shenzhen police has been filed, the driver had Moufang whether the accident occurred when using a mobile phone for further verification, as verified using a mobile phone related accidents and the parties shall be subject to corresponding legal responsibility. Reporters found that access to "in 2015 by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on Amending the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on penalties for violations of road traffic safety in accordance with the decision (to vote on draft)" the provisions of article eleventh, the use of hand-held telephone, electronic equipment or other impede safe driving behavior, will be fined 300 yuan. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the "motor vehicle driver’s license and use" (Ministry of Public Order No. 123), deducted 2 points. After the interview, the director of the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau Xu Wei introduction, people usually used to drive handheld mobile phone use will face the risk of electronic police capture, Shenzhen police will cooperate with enterprises in the development of new systems, the road detection vehicle driver whether driving handheld use mobile phone.相关的主题文章:

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