Shenzhen, 6 year old girl suspected of being strange man to take the positioning of the watch lost i noiseware

Shenzhen 6 year-old girl suspected was a strange man walking in the roadside location positioning watch lost watch Li Yujia Li Yujia Lost Girls suspected girls took the strange man on September 16th, the day the moon round is 6 year old Li Yujia’s birthday. Wang Shan from Dongguan back to Shenzhen Guangming New Town to give her daughter a birthday, second days early in the morning to return to the. However, she did not expect, just separated her daughter was taken away. When she was sent back to the positioning of the watch, she was lucky not to think deeply, until the daughter was seen to be taken from the monitoring. Li Yujia birthday second days lost about 1.1 meters tall, Liu Qi, eyelid big eyes, thin and small a child class in Guangming District of Shenzhen City long Shenzhen kindergarten. The day after the Mid Autumn Festival is her six year old birthday. On this day, in Manicure working in Dongguan Wang Shan has come back for her daughter’s birthday in Shenzhen. Wang Shan and her husband have been divorced for three years, 6 years ago, their one family came to Shenzhen from his hometown in Sichuan, Li Yujia was born in the village of Shenzhen long. After the divorce, daughter followed her grandparents live in Shenzhen Guangming New District Gongming mayor Chun village. Every month, Wang Shan will go home two times, look at her daughter, take her to play. In September 16th, family reunion, Wang Shan took his daughter to play one day. The second day early in the morning, Wang Shan returned to Dongguan. At the same time, Li Yujia is wearing a green skirt backless flowers, ponytail wearing mother buy a new flower, also out of the house, as usual to go to the village to play, but it has not come back. Li Yujia is cheerful and lively. This is a familiar village. She knows the way home. She still remember her mother’s phone number, wearing a positioning watch, so the family did not worry too much. Around 10 in the morning, Wang Shan arrived in Dongguan to her daughter made a phone call, no one answered. "In play" she wanted to see, location displayed on the daughter’s position is long Chun village, Wang Shan was relieved. I did not expect more than 6 in the afternoon, when Wang Shan called her daughter again, then the phone became a man. " the daughter had an accident " this is the first thought in Wang Shan’s mind. Wang Shan quickly to Shenzhen parents call, let the family alarm, then rushed to Shenzhen. The suspect was a strange man abducted 17 days more than 8 o’clock in the evening, Wang Shan returned to long Chun village, saw the positioning piece of pink and purple watch. Li Yujia had been wearing it all the time. Pick up the position of the watch middle-aged man is the village residents, his watch is at about twelve in the way of picking up. Then, Wang Shan went to a bright new Yu Tong police station. That night, Wang Shan and Li Yujia’s grandmother surveillance video to see long Zhen village. Until 3 in the morning, did not find traces of her daughter. 18, the Wang Shan family and the police began to search notices posted in the village of shenzhen. From the moment that the watch, daughter abducted the idea constantly echoed in Wang Shan’s mind, but she refused to deep thought, she said: " I miss you, mom will accompany you ". Early morning相关的主题文章:

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