She clung to the paralysis users questioned the abducted child begging xhero

She clung to the "paralysis" boy begging users questioned the abducted Washington (reporter Cheng Wupeng) the little boy suspected paralyzed by a lady holding, begging the first hospital bus station. The day before yesterday, the netizen released micro-blog and the police, questioned the boy abducted. Reporters learned that the police to verify the boy and her identity, confirmed not trafficking. According to the description, the boy was a lady holding a little boy begging, hands and feet are not moving, only the eyes and mouth can move, the skin is very white, suspected abducted. Many users in the micro-blog message, saw the little boy begging and lady, suggested the alarm processing. The reporter learned from the Siming police, the area police station received a number of enthusiastic people have to alarm, on-site verification. This little boy surnamed Xia, 6 years old, Jiangxi people, suffering from cerebral palsy, so the limbs and head are not independent; holding a small boy lady surnamed Wu, is the little boy’s grandmother; the police checked the other party to provide residence booklet, confirmed that the boy and Lady of kinship, excluding the little boy abducted suspects. According to the little boy’s grandmother, the family economic difficulties, unable to treat the boy’s cerebral palsy, begging for help. Police told her to seek help from the local civil affairs department. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章:

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