Shanxi traffic violations can be fined 200 yuan online search is not a fine jslottery

Shanxi traffic violation images can check online to a fine of 200 yuan ungraded   Shanxi daily news; September 23rd, Shanxi traffic police network news release, the future of our province the driver received illegal traffic to inform the message, through the Internet and mobile phone "online" illegal query images, and easily solve the "online" not scoring a fine of 200 yuan illegal behavior. It is understood that there is a traffic violation query needs of the driver, you can log in Shanxi public security traffic police network, click the illegal query button to enter the province, traffic safety integrated service management platform". After the completion of the online registration and bind the vehicle, driver’s license, the driver can carry out illegal type, scoring and traffic violation pictures of the query, and online processing of 200 yuan fine not scoring illegal behavior. At the same time, the driver can also download the mobile phone APP, the mobile terminal traffic violation image query. In addition, it should be noted that the non registered users can only query whether the vehicle is not processed illegal and the number of illegal processing, can not query the detailed records. After the completion of the online registration of individual users, can be recorded in detail query. Individual users can directly online registration, but must ensure that the registered mobile phone number and the driver’s license or motor vehicle records consistent mobile phone number registered, if not, need to be signed in the dmv. (Su Yijun)相关的主题文章:

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