Scary! The man threw downstairs into the scrap wire 8 late father head (video) liuxiaobo

Scary! The man threw downstairs into the scrap wire 8 year 82 year old Tan head dad dad in waste collection, disaster — a drop from the clouds were left after the wire from upstairs unexpectedly bounced into dad head, like a wire claw like the scalp " " dad firmly; catch; live. On the first day of autumn in the afternoon, Tan Diedie came to Gutian to buy a waste area. Tan Diedie, who lives on the 3 floor of the early acquaintance with Tan dad, he will be dedicated to the family of scrap cardboard boxes and wire to stay, after seeing him, mr.. Because do not want to waste down the stairs, Mr. Sun will be a lazy waste from the third floor to throw. He dropped an old wire in a carton. Unexpectedly, the carton floor, inside the wire suddenly popped up, suddenly stuck in the head of Tan Diedie was bending over to pick up the waste, like an iron claw like, firmly grasp the head on both sides of the father. Mr. Sun suddenly scared Meng, Tan Diedie rushed to the nearby general hospital emergency department. Doctor Liu Peng decided to do for Dad CT, judging the depth of wire into the head. Just because a dozen centimeters long wire is buckled on the father on the back of the head, cause people cannot lie. In desperation, the doctor immediately dialed " 119". A few minutes later, the fire officers and soldiers rushed to help dad cut, Tan exposed part of the wire, so that the father can accept CT examination. Fortunately, CT showed only wire insert the skin, and do not go from. After local anesthesia, the doctor out of the stainless wire for Tan father pull, and disinfection of dressing and injection of tetanus vaccine. Dr. Liu Peng said, like Tan Diedie this situation, should not pull out the wire. " because it is impossible to determine exactly where to go, if it is inserted into the brain, unauthorized removal of foreign bodies may lead to increased bleeding, brain damage, and even lead to death. " doctors remind, even if the foreign body is tied into other parts of the body, do not deal with their own, should immediately seek medical treatment, to determine the injury and then proceed to deal with, so as not to cause bleeding, aggravated injury. (reporter Hu Caili correspondent Chen Mengyuan, Yang Min) related video 30 meters altitude parabolic key experimental beverage bottle easily smashed glass相关的主题文章:

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