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"Real men 2" yellow Zitao over self eat melon game Sun Yangxian skill – Sohu   entertainment; "2 men" really the first to welcome high-altitude downhill race   to eat watermelon; Yang Mi serious shooting   entertainment Sohu jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second the air force is hit in the article?. The first phase of the broadcast day national network ratings 1.87, the share of 5.83, while the first Premiere of loyalty is as high as 36.7%, full of explosion products. Word of mouth, the show once again showed a high degree of hot zero deviation evaluation. At present, the topic # real man # total amount of reading is a breakthrough in 4 billion 240 million, more than 3 million topics. This week, Sun Yang, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Zitao, Zhang Lanxin, Li Rui, Shen Mengchen eight Air Force recruits to encourage. Tonight’s program, 8 Air Force recruits will usher in more difficult training, not only shooting live ammunition, more courage to challenge high altitude projects — the helicopter downhill. How will recruits face new challenges? Under the double test of physical strength and willpower, what interesting stories are there among the recruits? They really can not stick out? This week’s show will be announced one by one. Huang Zitao successfully overcome self, eat melon Sun Yangxian the first phase of the program at the end of the game play, Huang Zitao and monitor the fierce collision of the audience is nervous and worried about Huang Zitao can successfully complete the training course of doubts. In the second phase of the program, Huang Zitao launched a counterattack trip proved to us that his bloody and play. Under the serious criticism of the monitor, the monitor to see his personal demonstration, Huang Zitao quickly changed my attitude towards training, direction of instructors to admit his problems, the successful completion of the "three second hat" that he had thought impossible task. After the end of the afternoon training, in the rest period, the new recruits to carry out interesting "melon eating contest". In the game, Sun Yang show strong strength and ambition to win the Olympic champion, "eat melon" amazing speed. At first Huang Zitao ridicule female class eating too gentle, who knows their turn when battle speed even as soldiers, finally almost "eat to spray". In order to win the final game, the side of Sun Yang actually show champion strength, to help the team to complete the task, then the scene will have what funny funny picture. Live fire Gexianshentong, Huang Zitao blue heart to fight after the first period of the sharpshooter shooting posture training, the recruits in the shooting competition, facing the real test, the recruits can not help secretly. In the shooting competition in recruits, Huang Zitao is undoubtedly one of the most confident of and after the shooting instructor bluntly: "I think I must be better than them," Zhang blueheart too overbearing, right next to the Jiang Jinfu shouted "Fu Zi you can not lose my domineering declaration. What men and women who become worthy of the name marksman? Is call the confident Huang Zitao and Zhang blueheart, has become a major part of the program. Numerous!相关的主题文章:

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