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"Raise a child" Liaoning broadcasting Wang Jingyun staged chase love remember Wang Jingyun stills Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news in the hit series "dog stick" plays Dai Ruonan faction actress Wang Jingyun, joined by Hairong Tian, starring Xin Baiqing’s emotional inspirational drama "raise a child is not easy", as the children’s Hospital of doctor Shen Beibei. The media produced by the wind tear play will be held tonight at the Liaoning satellite TV’s northern theatre. It is reported that some time ago, the play has four channels broadcast by TV channel in Hubei turns, Hunan entertainment channel, Jiangsu city channel and the Shaanxi news channel, also did not see the fun of friends can continue to watch TV in Liaoning. "Not easy" to raise a child about the last century at the end of 70s, living in the small town of hard-working woman Li Xinru (Hairong Tian ornaments), after her husband died, inductrial injury is the mainstay of the family has not been broken, the tragic fate of admiration, but strong and independent, optimistic to continue to struggle, to bear bitter hardships raising five children, thus launched a series of inspirational stories of sadness. Wang Jingyun played the role of Shen Beibei is a big miss temper, but kind-hearted girl. In the play, Wang Jingyun and Xin Baiqing played the emotional drama of Han Chao. For this I dare to love and hate from childhood engagement childhood sweetheart, actor Han Chao will follow the wishes of their parents to get married? And Shen Beibei will always insist on their love does not flinch? Wang Jingyun graduated from the Central Academy of Drama from his debut, has been filming the "dog", "stick", "fragrant Chu hegemony", known to every family TV drama, portrays a classic image. Love her flowers please continue to focus on Liaoning TV broadcast tonight "not easy" to raise a child and in the November star of the "mother" rush forward.   相关的主题文章:

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