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Purchase must be vigilant! Very dangerous – the purchase of knowledge – Beijing Locke net buy the 9 categories of housing in Beijing?? Locke Sina News (editor A Lian) with the fall of September 30th "Beijing eight" new deal, the Beijing new home market is to reason. On the one hand, the new deal effect is immediate, buyers mentality by panic to wait and see, the market demand is shrinking; on the other hand, over the last two years, the outer Beijing bridal market high-end trend, many projects are non ordinary residential, the new deal increased the wards Shoufu ratio, part of the purchase demand to suspend or cancel the purchase plan. The market gradually return to rational, for buyers is a good thing, panic buying is often easy to heat…… Xiaobian this tells you to buy these 9 types of housing in Beijing, the most dangerous! Don’t buy it! ?? The house prices during the high-rise towers?? house prices during the period of the tower is similar to a lot of construction waste, diluted floor cost and increase profits, not the developers based on the land use efficiency and improve the intensive degree to the quality of the house, taking the content need to be polish, resulting in this kind of the house is easy to appear the relative devaluation. ?? High around the product price for real?? the stock of housing stock to re evaluate, to new change in the price to get a higher price; price will appear because of the side of the house, the high price of re positioning, but did not improve, but the price up. Adjacent to the real estate will be generated by the background of the high price into price genes, encouraging house prices. The apartment next to the track is the cause of the rise in the price of the house in the process of urbanization is not the main reason, is the developer of the future will be overdrawn and passed on to consumers. The track next to the apartment often with certain prospective development, while rail traffic can enhance the area also depends on the future development and whether the introduction of commercial flagship, the unknown more, so easy to disparage. ?? Quality frequency exposure?? elegant quality frequency exposure projects often appear, carefully selected, and spent most of my life savings to buy a new house, get the hand is a set of "housing", a series of problems of water seepage, cracks in the wall and window so that the owners suffered. Buyers should pay attention to in the early detailed understanding of real estate information, visit the site to view approve. ?? The viaduct near the intolerable noise "for noise??!" a friends shout. With the development of social economy, the city transportation construction in Shenzhen also change rapidly, the most typical phenomenon is the increased overhead arranged in a crisscross pattern, these elevated convenient transportation has brought to the city at the same time, it also brings a series of problems such as noise, dust, exhaust pollution etc.. ?? Land formerly bad choice?? or to see the land formerly housing, after all, some of the land was not good, for example, some of the land formerly known as chemical plant, the cemetery of real estate, uninhabitable. Chemical plant pollution greatly, the legacy of soil phosphorus, sulfur and sulfide sludge, air, groundwater, vegetables, fruits and so on have been chemical pollution, the occupant’s body and mind is certainly not. Is the predecessor of the cemetery, and more or less with Feng Shui at the closing angle相关的主题文章:

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