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The first Shandong promoted the audit of economic responsibility audit will "cross to the edge, vertical in the end" reporter from the Shandong provincial audit department was informed that the province will supervise the field of economic responsibility audit from economic supervision, to the political economic and cultural, social, ecological civilization and the construction of the party and other fields full of radiation, constructed as soon as possible "horizontal to edge, vertical in the end" of the economic responsibility audit system. According to statistics, since 2014, the province’s economic responsibility audit work has achieved remarkable results. A total of 6718 leading cadres of the audit, including city hall more than and 300 passengers, more than 1 thousand and 500 passengers at county level, township level more than 4 thousand people; promote increase revenue 8 billion 880 million yuan, found irregularities amount of 134 billion 143 million yuan, of which the leading cadres should be directly responsible for the violation of the amount of 4 billion 421 million yuan, the negative charge of the responsibility of illegal amount of 76 billion 616 million yuan; audit recommendations adopted by the more than 9 thousand and 600 a reference to the audit results, 4081 audit of leading cadres have promoted the use or. In the future, our province will be in accordance with the full coverage of economic responsibility audit and the party with responsibility, with responsibility and audit requirements, and constantly improve the working mechanism, synchronous audit by the local party and government leading cadres to the provincial universities, research institutes and administrative secretary of the Party committee is mainly responsible for the province, and the tube of state-owned enterprises decision-making and management is mainly responsible for people. It is understood that the province will develop the construction of the warehouse audit object of economic responsibility of leading cadres, in accordance with the authority to audit object functions, determine the audit mode and frequency, not only highlights the annual audit focus, and ensure to achieve full coverage in a certain period. Strictly implement the central determination of audit and the outgoing audit any combination of key areas (departments or units) audit at least two basic systems of a leading cadres and key positions, gradually increase the proportion of any of the audit, strengthen the audit supervision, realize the key, step by step, effectiveness, depth to the full coverage of the audit oversight. The key to the implementation of the audit results, the provincial audit department official said, will further promote the popularization of the audit report, the audit report and strive to understand and use it. Days prior to the convening of the joint meeting of the economic responsibility audit work, proposed the establishment of the provincial inspection agencies and auditing organs cooperation coordination mechanism, promote the comprehensive use of inspection results and the results of the audit, inspection and audit work to achieve complementary advantages, the formation of supervisory force. At the same time, our province will accelerate the exploration of the economic responsibility audit and audit rectification as the important content of the members of the unit leadership and anti-corruption, into the leadership responsibility of Party building inspection and leading cadres of the annual assessment, post assessment category, included in the leadership of democratic life, to further improve the economic responsibility audit results as a leader the selection and appointment of cadres, daily supervision, regular assessment, an important basis for rewards and punishment regulations.相关的主题文章:

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