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Professor Lu Binglun: the golden proportion of your nose "Seagull line" – Sohu health with plastic technology is more and more progress, we are more and more refined for the pursuit of beauty. It is not just the pursuit of nose nose becomes high. Part of the patients for the shape and width of the nose nose, the nose of the camber has its own requirements, perfect "Seagull line" is the necessary project. Do you know what is nose "Seagull"? The so-called "Seagull" refers to the front line, nose, nose and nose between the nose and the nose on both sides, which were connected to the line, the ideal nose position, will be slightly lower than the nose, connected lines are like the wings of the seagull. For the name "Seagull" line. Many people blindly pursue high nose, in fact, the nose width and the position of the tip depends on the appearance of the nose. The nose width nostril will appear large, if the nose is very wide, even if the nose is not low also is very low. The "Seagull nose" model is more suitable for nasal plastic surgery rhinoplasty patients, can make the nose look beautiful and harmony. Perfect seagull line is now a lot of people’s first choice, but also will break the original rigid cloning nose". The nose of the golden ratio from the front, the nose needs a clear seagull to the upper edge of the line, nostril nose and nasal column at seagull line is about 1:1 nose down too much is extended seagull line down too much is not good, there will be a feeling of the nose aquiline nose will extend down enough, upturned nose the feeling of the nose is too large, there will be a feeling of garlic, not exquisite nose is too small, like the L module through the nose look too fake, do not look good from the side, the nasolabial angle is about 95-110 degrees, the cusp height of nose to nose on the edge and the nose hole angle for the 1:1 too big, there will be the feeling of a retrousse nose angle is too small, then there is the feeling of want to create the perfect nose "Seagull line", to meet the needs of what conditions? 1, little nose And the alar alar groove upper thick or too plump, can make the nostril rim skin incision along the leading edge of the alar cartilage lateral angle. 2, large alar margin, with the nose section, after dressing suture to the inner surface of the nose. 3, the nose with large nostrils, broadband, can give the alar base resection and nostril reduction. The design of the incision in the nasal alar basal and alar groove bottom, narrow nostril, and then layered suture. Lu Binglun, MD, professor. The Department of plastic surgery in Xi’an Changan hospital director, Dean of Xi’an Lu Binglun Oscar orthopaedic centre. An interview of WeChat lu99772 graduated from the The Fourth Military Medical University, a former director of Xijing Hospital of craniofacial plastic surgery treatment center. Is China’s famous plastic surgery experts, mainly to complete the first case of China allotranspantation, and won the first prize of army medical achievements. Malar and mandibular angle surgery to change the face of quantity and quality in the country, and the practice of mandibular angle osteotomy long curve is proposed for the first time, perfect change long face, wide chin, and was widely used; improved comprehensive rhinoplasty method, correction of lip.相关的主题文章:

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