Pretty baby! Joan bz8888, Joan f77777 license plate number 28 open auction

Pretty baby! Joan BZ8888, Joan F77777 28 license plate number of public bidding in Hainan Province, preferably 92 type car license plate leading group office was informed that the province in 2016 eighth preferred car number plate number will open ifca release, scheduled for September 28th at 8:30 in the morning to embrace the Sea Hotel (No. 88, Haikou city haidiandao sea Century Avenue Bridge on the left) accept site registration, 9:30 bidding. It is reported that the Joan A8C888, Joan A7777Y, Joan AEY999, Joan BZ8888, Joan BRR999, Joan C7777R, Joan EZ9666, Joan DD2222, Joan DN8999, Joan F09999, Joan F77777 and other 150 car license plate number ifca issued, specific and relevant requirements, please visit the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Network (query). The best proof of identity registration to competing territorial jurisdiction principle according to the DMV, only competitive advantages of territorial management vehicle car license plate, car number plate shall be preferred other vehicle management, or preferably invalid, pay transactions shall not refund. But Joan E car number plate without territorial restrictions. On the other plate Joan C, each county area can be competing optimization. Joan D prefix car number plate, qiongnan area cities and counties can be competing preferred.相关的主题文章:

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