Penguin mother Tucao if you are rich two generations, is willing to give up the superior life to eng

Penguin mother Tucao: if you are rich two generations, is willing to give up the superior life to engage in animation? Hello everyone! I am familiar with the penguin mother! Want to know about the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Want to listen to the views of these hot spots and Tucao mother? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! A "your name. "Let be after Hayao Miyazaki finally made it", the miracle of second people. It’s family are immediately exposed, it is a rich two generation has chosen to do animation, inspirational and moving. Recently, Cheng brother’s father, the Japanese construction company in Xinjin hundred years group president Shintsu Masakatsu accepted the trendy "weekly" interview, said he wanted to let the brother of patrimony. Your name. "The box office currently has over 15 billion yen, more than Hayao Miyazaki’s" wind ". According to industry estimates, breaking 20 billion is sooner or later, will be more than Hayao Miyazaki’s "the goldfish on the cliff". See the 43 year old brother to do so, the 72 year old Xinjin Sheng is filled with a thousand regrets. Cheng brother father family company is introduced in the Meiji 42 years (1909), he is the third generation director, so I hope brother can inherit the family business. According to the plan, Cheng brothers in the fourth year will go to a residential company to learn and hone. But in the fall, Cheng brother called: "Dad, I’m sorry, when I have to do something young, you introduced me to the company I can not go……" Dad think that honesty is an adult, and said that with him. As a result, Cheng brothers went to work at Falcom games. At that time, life is very hard to get home, home to do their own animation to do 3 o’clock, 6 to get up and go to work. Dad said, brother would want to do animation, because the mother brother painting named Nagano art exhibition, the mother and son are very similar. And sincere brother in primary school grade four or five had the first computer. At that time, I would like to buy a brother, but a 700 thousand yen, for the annual income of up to 7 billion yen in Xinjin group is still very expensive. My dad said you exam in first place to buy you, did not think the brother really got first place. So, my father really bought a computer, and then the Xinjin group has no computer, honest brother can only think of ways to study their own knowledge. Perhaps this is a turning point, so he embarked on the road of animation. Although there is no local cinema, Dad went to the Roppongi Hills and Saku city preview. My father also mentioned why the elder brother will describe the light so beautiful. Cheng brother will play speed skating in primary school, 5 in the morning to practice in the frozen lake of Songyuan. At 20 degrees below zero temperatures will appear under the diamond dust scene, it is sincere brother remember such a beautiful scene. Although the outside world in your name. "The heroine is three in Gifu, but the crossing scene and brother in high school when the sea line as like as two peas. The other brother works also have to the viewfinder, he is in his own hometown based. He believes that the "sea" it is from the sea. From my father’s words can be seen, is a genuine love of animation ". From the earliest of her and her cat?相关的主题文章:

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