On Wednesday 009 SMG analysis strength gap between Denmark and the bloodbath winlinez

On Wednesday 009 SMG analysis: strength gap between Denmark on Wednesday of the 009 international tournament in Denmark to Yunan VS 2016-09-01 02:00 of Liechtenstein: 15 degree weather sunny Danish situation: Although missed this summer’s European Cup finals, but the array has Schmeichel, West Gardner, Erickson worked in Europe’s top five leagues players, the Danish team still is a great team, after entering in 2016, the team participated in 4 warm-up matches, made 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative results, of which two home court has Lectra Iceland and Bulgaria, the former summer in the European Cup finals defeated the England team, also highlights the Danish team home court in fact, since 2015, fighting, the Danish team in all competitions in the home court a total of 8 games only lost to the French team game, the game In the face of the strength of minnows Liechtenstein, the Danish team to win a big problem. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein is a typical situation: belly of Europe, the team for many years in the European qualifying competition, play the role of the prince with reading, at last year’s European Cup qualifier, the team made only 1 wins 2 flat 7 negative, into 2016, Liechtenstein participated in the three warm-up matches, in the face of are Gibraltar, the Faroe Islands and the Iceland team, the team made only score of 1 flat 2 negative, away and semi amateur team Gibraltar to shake hands, but the team exposed the weak fighting force, and the array of players are unknown to the public of generation, the game away against Denmark, the primary goal of the team is less to lose when the win. The two teams clash record: the last two clash race record, the Danish team achieved victory record. The game analysis of SMG: let the ball Shengping Fu played out Lord let two ball pattern, to reflect the home advantage, the Danish team recently two times and achieved victory record against Liechtenstein, during the total scored 8 goals, the strength of the obvious advantages, the disc to the Lord let two ball half the high water start, the data is reasonable the category, the note after the plate water level decline slowly, a company change disk main let two ball half ball pattern, not too strong to pull on the chupan advantage, should belong to the positive transition of good move, the game has a Danish team win, SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played his radio advice.相关的主题文章:

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